Help, got a parent problem?

I want to ride a motorbike, not now, but later in life when I'm older (obviously, because I'm only 14). But, my dad is totally against it, I mean it's not like I'm gonna do it now. He strictly forbids me to ever go on a motorbike and I feel so trapped in my dad's clutches. The thing is he HATES extreme sports, like skateboarding, snowboarding and anything relevant. He thinks that if I start riding a motorbike, I'll start getting tatoos and pierces and smoke...ect. Help please! what should I say to him? I don't want to have to just stay at home in the future while all my friend are free to do what they want. Infact, do you think I should listen to him? or not? I seriously don't know what to do, whenever I bring up the subject of extreme sports he goes into a nagging frenzy.

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  1. mel858 Says:

    there’s a reason behind your dad’s frenzy.
    ask someone close to him if anything happened in the past to make it this way…

    but if your determined then you’ll just have to wait till your old enough to decide and do it on your own.

  2. tanya_geoffrey Says:

    okay, first and formost, you are only 14. So this is the deal, you know what you want to do and are bound and determined to do it, right?
    Well, leave it alone why bring it up and fight and argue about it when you could live peacefully until you are old enough to make your own decisions!! Just a thought, but it just might help you out in the long run. Good luck

  3. Hailey G Says:

    When You Grow Up Your Dad May Change!! Just Ask Your mom instead!! Don’t Listen To Him dads Are Always Strict When I Was 12 I Am Now 14 i told my dad , Dad When I Grow Up I Wanna Get A Motorcycle And A Sliver Car And A Van And I Wanna Be A Rockstar! Hes Like NO!!!!!!!!!! I Mean like its gonna be in the future right?? Its Just Your Dad Wants To Be Protective Over You It Means Like He Wants You Not Hurt He Is Always Gonna Protect You He Dosen’t Want His Baby Girl Growing Up Thats How My Mom Is! Maybe Your dad Rode A Motorbike Before And He Got Hurt Or Something like that ask anyone close to him!! Hope I Helped!!

  4. Chuck Says:

    You should let your dad know how you feel about the situation, and also let him know that you are going to get older and you are going to do things that you want to, and tell him that the stereo types of riding a motor bike isn’t always true but while you are living in his home I think you should abide by the rules but whenever you have a problem about tha certain situation let him know how you feel.

  5. lady_bella Says:

    For now, yes you have to listen to him. He doesn’t want you to take the chance of getting seriously injured. Parents can’t bare the thought of their children getting hurt, or doing anything that could potentially hurt them or kill them. And a motorbike can kill because accidents happen. For now, just obide by his rules, and when you’re out on your own, then go and do those extreme sports that you want to do. Parents often get those “funny feelings” inside when they know something is going to happen, or could happen and their gut instinct is to restrict their children from doing things. Even fun things. I often found my mom being very overly cautious about things when I was growing up. I mean, my highschool was just across the main street, real close to us, and she wouldn’t even let me go over there to go jogging! Her answer would be, “no, because I said so”. I hated that phrase. But after I grew up, being 38 now and having a son of my own, you have a constant fear of your child getting hurt, kidnapped, raped, gunned down, involved in an accident etc. A parents job is to ‘protect’ their children. Some parents are very outgoing themselves and don’t have the constant fears as others do. And that’s ok for them and their families, but for your dad…there is something inside of him saying “no, don’t let her”. And he’s going with his gut instinct.

    My biological father road motorcycles all the time. He was a daredevil for sure. He got into several accidents on the road, and with his dirtbikes he road as well. My mom said back when they were young, he was racing his bike and he hit a pole. Knocked out his left eye. Now he can’t see through his left eye and he has severe anger issues because the impact messed his head up really bad. A couple of years ago, my dad, even being 60 something years old, still thinks he’s a kid and can handle a motorbike, decided to go up to Utah, or Idaho, I forget which, and was riding a quad. No helmet either. He went up a steep hill and landed in a ditch with that 700 pound bike on top of him and he broke his neck! Thank God it didn’t kill him which it could have easily done. He had to have one of those Halo’s on his head that was screwed into his head in a few places to keep it in tact. He had to go through therapy for his knees too. He’s still having problems with his knees. His neck healed up, but still has a few problems with it. Most likely because of his age, but I sware that man has more lives than a cat!
    Things can happen. Bad things, when you’re taking risks and living on the edge, like riding a motorbike.
    You see your friends having fun and not getting hurt etc…and taking all these risks, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have the same experience. Something could happen to you.
    For now, like I said, listen to your father…that is your job as his child, and do what you’re told. There is a reason why parents prohibit things. We may not ever know why, but to me, I’d rather not find out the hard way by getting myself hurt really bad or killed. I would rather listen to my parents.
    Hope this helps. Once you turn 18, the world is yours to explore. But for now, there are parental restrictions.

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