How to talk your parental into letting you get a facial piercing?

Not exactly at this moment, but when i'm going into high school i want to get snake bites. I really want to get them but my mom wont let me get anything that you can see, as in, no facial piercings. My sisters were pretty young when they got their piercings, but they were hidden. My older sister is trying to help me, but we're getting no where. Any advice on how i possibly convince my parental into letting me get one? If your going to say that facial piercings are ugly and stuff, your opinion. :) Plus, i've been thinking this over for a very long while now. So, this isn't some just stupid on the spot decision. Yes, of course i'd check with the school. I see people (in high school) with nose piercings and such.

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  1. Kat Says:

    The most important issue is whether or not your school’s dress code prohibits visible piercings other than lobes. I can’t tell you how many teenagers come on here and they stupidly get a lip or eyebrow piercing the day before school starts, their school doesn’t allow them, and so they want to know if they can leave the jewelry out while they’re at school.

    Speaking as a person who has piercings and is also a mother, I can tell you what arguments are not convincing:

    1. “But lots of kids at school have them!”
    2. “But that’s not fair!”
    3. “It’s my body and I should be able to do whatever I want with it!”

  2. Cannibal Emma Says:

    All I had to say was “Mom, seeing as I get A’s all the time I’d like my nose pierced.”

    Try using grades to get piercings. That’s what I have to do.
    Example: If I get amazing grades this year will you allow me to get snakebites??

  3. William Says:

    i never have had to ask to get mine i just came home with a new one and they were like oh what ever
    .ears stretched to 1 inch
    .snake bites
    and my school doesn’t restrict what piercings you can and can’t have

    but basically what i would do it show her some pictures of what it would look like and maybe just bargen with her
    like i will do this for you if i can get this piercing. what ever that piercing maybe

  4. ? Says:

    sad to say your mother may never give in. i am not allowed any piercings until i am 21, that also means i am not allowed to have my earlobes pierced. i am 16 at the moment and have wanted piercings since i was 13. my solution to that was to get the piercings anyway. so far i have my hip pierced and my ears sretched. i had my septum at one point (but got caught and almost kicked out). you may have to get them without her permission. you have to be 16 where i live to get piercings without a parent’s permission. check the local shops. if you do get it without her permission you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

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