Is there a way to lose some pounds by not eating and then go back to normal without gaining weight?

I'm getting my belly button pierced really soon and I just need to drop like 3 pounds in a week maybe 5. I've been really healthy (lost 30 pounds in 2.5 months) but I can't get this last little bit off that will give me a flat stomach FASTT. So I've decided to go to extremes (if you're just going to tell me this is unhealthy, don't waste your time answering) and I plan to eat as little as humanly possible for a little bit to see where that gets me. My worry is: how can I prevent gaining the weight right back after I do this? I NEED to have a flat sexy stomach so I can get this piercing! And show up this chick who calls me fat.. but that's a different story haha :)

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  1. Jessiray Says:

    You will gain more weight because you send your body into starvation mode, and when you eat regularly, your body will start storing the food as fat.

  2. Savi Says:

    i”m not trying to say your dumb
    or anything but if you’re going to do that.
    then maybe the weight that doesn’t
    want to come off is a sign that your peircing
    is a bad choice

  3. Unknown Says:

    You will not gain all the weight right back if you do it right. I should know, fasting has become part of my life. Whether you fast or not, just start slowly and gradually adding to your calorie intake. I believe the first few days after are the most important. Depending on how much you’re planning on eating to lose this weight. For me, at least when I’m just coming off a fast, I’ll add just some fruit and veggies, that’s all I will eat for at LEAST a few days while keeping my intake no more than 200 cals. And just slowly go from there. And make sure to get exercise in, I go for at least an hour a day. But if you are not fasting then you should be alright having more than what I mentioned. I hope this wasn’t too complicated??

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