How can the Celtics rebuild [Part II]?

Still, Marbury is only 33, has a lot to prove after this year's debacle yet he showed some signs. That although he's no longer the player he used to be, he still have something left. Of course, it was unwise of him to delay his Knicks buy-out as he never really had time to adapt to the Celtic style nor get back to the groove of NBA hoops but give him a full summer, pre-season, & early months of the NBA season next year & for sure, he will be worth more than the minimum. Now having the plattoon of House, Tony Allen, & Marbury may somehow counter [a bit] the loss of Ray Allen. Last but not the least, taking Mickey Moore again for the minimum will not be bad at all for a reserve big man especially while KG & Perk are out. The 11th & 12 man may be some other free agent veterans next year who still have something left in their tank (even just a tiny fuel left) for the minimum pay but one last chance for a ring! Does Grant Hill ring a bell? But having Boozer who will only be 28, will make the C's championship caliber for the next 3-5 years since KG & Pierce, eventhough currently 32 & 31 respectively, will still be solid 3-5 years from now given their extreme competetiveness that only an unforseen injury will unfortunately stop them. (Prester John)

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  1. Archie Says:

    its gonna be hard..the big 3 got long contracts to go…and way expensive…yet they are getting old

    they may rebiuld around rondo…and thats it

  2. Zander Says:

    They didn’t repeat, the team is through. They never have a chance to be decent again. Building around Marbury is their best bet.

  3. Carla Says:

    Archie said it right. Rondo is the going to be the future of this team. This offseason they need to sign Big Baby to a contract and maybe Leon Powe. It won’t be until next offseason that there will be a bunch of free agents so look for them to sign people then. Perkins is only 24 so when he becomes a free agent they should sign them. Once Ray, Paul, and KG are done which will probably be no more than 5 years from now, the Celtics need to start building around the younger guys.

  4. Anything is possible? Says:

    Carlos Boozer might not even leave Utah, so don’t jump to that conclusion. Boozer said he wants to stay but the Jazz might trade him and Ak47 for a SG and a Center like Amar’e.

  5. mattapan26 Says:

    Small rebuilding as I see it. They will have Perk, KG, Pierce, Ray and Rondo. If they can keep Big Baby, which won’t be cheap, Leon, Scal, House, Tony Allen and draft a PF or C, they are right in it, for several years to come. If we are worrying about 2009-10, I think the Celtics are as strong as they are going to get. If it’s about 2013, that’s Ainge’s problem for now. Moore and Marbury are gone. Now. Doc thinks that Moore is useless and Marbury not much better.

  6. celticfan Says:

    the celtics need a few strong bench players on their team. but as the big three get older even though i want them to hang around as long as possible(i mean look at shaq, hes been in the nba like 16 years and look at his last season)but as they do get older, i would like to see lebron james to join the team

  7. magic beat myceltics,so go cavs! Says:

    i would rather have tony allen, moore, and marbury kicked off

  8. Kman Says:

    I don’t think they need to ‘rebuild’ for next year, they’re a Championship caliber team when healthy.

    They have 1-2 potential runs left in them as is – after that the Celtics wisely chose to have the big 3′s contracts expire one per year after next year. Each one allows them to trade massive expiring contracts for younger replacements.

    Rondo is their point guard for the next 10 years, and Davis, Powe, and Perkins are solid starters on any team. House is a great role player.

    Marbury could be good for another year. Tony Allen and Miki Moore suck – they’re just mediocre 3rd string players, nothing more.

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