I don’t know what to get pierced?

I've wanted to pierce something for awhile. I would like an unusual place to get pierced, but i'm not sure where. I was thinking that hip bones would be cool, but I know they scar pretty bad. I've included a picture to see if certain facial piercings would look good or not. Tell me what you think! its not letting me attach a picture... grr http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/pandalize/l_400ff5d2afa34e5abe54c1d2763d75af.jpg

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  1. diehard311fan Says:

    Try your clit

  2. steffff Says:

    no picture
    no help.

  3. Will S Says:

    don’t do it, you will grow up and regret stupid decisions

  4. Tessa&&David<33 Says:

    the Industrial would be really cutee(:

  5. aries989 Says:

    ewww, so unattractive, the best one you could get besides your ears is probably a stud in your nose

  6. Robin G Says:

    If you want one, but you’re unsure, just leave it up to the piercist. Walk in and say “surprise me!” They may have something they’ve always wanted to do that’s new and awesome, but never had anyone willing.

  7. khalida Says:

    depnds on yourself try your tough, belly or near the eye lashes

  8. Kassandra G Says:

    How about the piece that sticks out of your ear; the little bump? it would look good with a small stud(:

  9. Santastinks Says:

    no picture..and get it thru the top of your nose like a centimeter below the middle of your eyes

  10. El King Says:

    besides your ears dont get one…unless maybe your belly button

  11. KK Says:

    belly button ? nose ? top of your ear ? inside your ear ? lol.

  12. Jessica E Says:

    If you wanted to get piercings on your hips, you could try microdermal punches. They’re really not as bad as they sound and they’re a lot less likely to scar.


  13. peace love happiness softball Says:

    i think you should go normal and get your belly button pierced. they look really cute and you wont get a scar when you get older.

  14. Shiva K Says:

    I like industrials..although thats not tooo unusual…im not really a big fan of any surface piercings because they scar and so on. but its up to you, you could look into getting micordermals..its a neat idea.

  15. Mandy Says:

    how about getting gages? those r the ones that spread ur hole lol
    or ur nose..
    or the bar that goes across ur ear lobes
    or get a marylin monroe
    get something that doesnt make u look like a dyke (unless u r)

  16. Pooty Pootwell Says:

    I’m very happy with my nose piercing. It was the least painful one for me to have done, and there’s barely any noticeable hole. My husband likes his tongue piercing and claims he didn’t feel a thing getting it pierced. Only the two days after the piercing did the swelling cause difficulty eating, talking, etc. After that, no issues.

  17. Virg Says:

    If you don’t get pierced, then there is no possibility of a painful infection, that could spread and cause skin problems, and last for months, you would need medication and creams…
    How much are you willing to risk to have a piece of metal in your skin?
    I am not anti-piercing, just want you to think first.

  18. Keith Says:

    Wait a few years and then that urge will go away. Facial rings will help you fail job interviews and other public encounters enormously.

  19. <3HoTTttie<3 simi Says:

    um… there is no picture. but yah get ur clit pierced or try getting a monroe piercing… but whatever u do plz dont get a nipple piercing… wayyyy too gross for me. i mean like your future sex mates will want to get freaky with that shit. but i have a bestfriend who has her clit pierced and i think it looks good on her. oh yah and that place u can get really freaky with.

  20. Angel Says:

    Try tongue piercing. Many says it doesn’t hurt much as belly piercing, though it will take couple of days for you to get adjusted to it. My bf told me once that the more it will blow him off as it feels good feeling that small metal thing on his. Let’s try and drive em crazy!

  21. NEW Says:

    It will be cool only for you..not my type sorry

  22. Mrs Cullen <3 Says:

    eyebrow ?
    bellybutton ?>

  23. kittykat9939 Says:

    get a marilyn monroe! ive always wanted one of those. it goes just above ur lip.

  24. glamourjunkie Says:

    bmezine.com has pictures of almost every piercing fathomable.

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