Do piercings mean anything?

My friend made me a pair of fake lip rings because I wanted to see what they looked like on me (I want to get snake bites and probably a eyebrow piercing when I'm older (I'm 15 now)) and I put them on and showed my mom and she FREAKED OUT. Her and my sister both (my sister's like 15 years older then me). She told me that facial piercings symbolize oral sex. I honestly don't believe her. I refuse to believe an innocent piercing has anything to do with oral sex. Yeah someone could use it for that (ouch.. O.O) but that wasn't my intention. I just want those piercings cause I like them a lot. Anyway, do facial piercings mean anything like that? Or mean anything? Or are they just like earrings, just for like decoration (like how I believe)?

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  1. The Ghetto Jesus Says:

    yea it is an old folk saying but im 15 and got mine done sooo yeah

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