Daughter’s DIY piercing.?

My daughter (14) has tried piercing herself twice, both times her nipple, both times she has ended up with a nasty infection (most recently blood poisoning) She admits the reason she did her nipple was because it was a place I could not demand to check, and she wants a body piercing. I've told her she can get a piercing, almost anywhere she wants (not nipple or genital - it is illegal under 16 here as it is considered sexual assault) - even though I HATE the idea provided it is done professionally if she gives me a written guarantee that she will never try self-piercing again. It she does, then she is in some serious kind of trouble I haven't figured out yet.. Have I done the right thing? sorry. Meant to post this in parenting. Don't know how I managed to get it here.

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  1. dvntjester Says:

    hard one for you, but yeah, sounds like your going the right way about things to me anyway…

  2. ?JuicyGirl? Says:

    No. You cannot compromise with a child.
    Just because she says she wont try self-piercing again if you let her do this doesnt mean she wont do it.
    She is FOURTEEN! No 14 year old child should have body piercings other than her ears.
    You are in some serious trouble here.
    She has no concept of who the adult and who the child is in this relationship. You are allowing her to get what she wants.
    You need to put your foot down no matter the circumstances or you will have some MAJOR issues down the road.

  3. ellie Says:

    yes you have, allowing her to get one profesional will hopefuly make her not do it but she might also want to rebel against etc the right thing tho

  4. HarajukuLover Says:

    Yes, you’ve done the right thing. Make a compromise with her somehow though. Tell her maybe she can get 1 piercing and thats it until she’s 16/18, whatever…

  5. sexyredheadedtiger Says:

    She’s too young to handle the attention that an ‘adult’ piercing generates. I keep explaining this to my 15 year old sister who wants her belly button done. There is a reason that states have an age limit on piercings. Children, and yes that is what they are can not deal with the issues that come with it. I would not give into her. It sounds as if she is doing it for attention, and really if she is piercing herself in such areas, the attention she is asking for is something a father should fear. I wish you all the luck.

  6. Oryx Says:

    People need to stop saying that young people are just children. Do you remember what it was like to be 14? By that age you’re starting to grow up and deserve a little freedom. It’s her body.

    I think you did the right thing. She obviously really wants a piercing so how is that any different than wanting a haircut or a new look? As long as the piercing doesn’t get infected there won’t be noticable scar when she takes it out. I had my labret pierced three times and you can’t even see a scar now.

    It’s not like a tattoo

    If it’s okay to have your ears pierced what’s so wrong about an eyebrow or lip piercing? Just because you think they’re weird doesn’t mean other people do too. Try to have an open mind and realize that different people like different things.

    PS they have age limits legally can’t sign a contract. Just like anything else…Minors also can’t sign doctors papers but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready to handle going to the doctor.

  7. fiji2litre Says:

    Some times its not the person who pierced the body part its the persons ability to fight off infection as well as cleanliness. I would say that if she wants to get them done that bad it would be worth seeing a professional to get it done. They can show her how to properly care for it until it heals. How much money has been given to the doctors office to get antibiotics and other stuff by now. How ever I would make her pay the doctor bills as well as the cost for the piercing. I hope this helps.

  8. Joanne ? Says:

    Yes , I think you’ve done the right thing. At least this time , you know that she will be getting it done professionally and you won’t have to worry about infections etc. I’m 14 too and I have my nose pierced and I love it! I did it myself and it turned out okay.

  9. smithsalbabe Says:

    From a professional piercer, I’m glad that you are willing to let her get pierced professionally. DIY piercings can be very dangerous and have horrible results, as you already know. She’s 14, which is a little young for any piercing other than ear lobes. I personally won’t pierce anything but lobes on anyone undeer 16, and even at 16 there are certain piercings that I won’t do. Any piercer with ethics, that isn’t just money hungry will be the same way.

    Her piercing her nipples on her own at her age could very well be considered self-mutilation and could be a cry for help. Thats not typically something I would say about body modification, but considering she’s 14, she shouldn’t even be considering nipple piercing, much less know much about nipple piercing.

    I think you are doing the right thing by prefering to take her to have it done professionally guaranteed that she doesn’t attempt self piercing again. If she continues self piercing even after having a piercing professionally done, you may want to see if there are some underlying problems.

  10. Liz ! Says:

    Are nipples even properly developed at 14?!
    Crazy girl….. talk about a cry for attention.
    Maybe get it signed from her that when she turns 16 you’ll pay for her to get it done professionally or something..

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