Bruised Piercing, maybe infected?

Okay, so exactly a month ago I got my nose and my belly pierced the same day. My nose is fine; it doesn't hurt when i twist it or clean it. I never had any trouble with it. But my belly piercing is bruised I think. It's purplish around the holes, but the puss that comes out is white. It doesn't stink, and the puss only comes out when i shower and i'm cleaning it. It does get crusty and i can't move it unless i put a hot compress over it, or run water over it. I do Sea Salt Soaks daily. I did stop for a few days, because the piercing looked dried out. I have hit it a few times, and my 2 year old pulled it once, and now it hurts. What do I do? Is it normal for it to look like that?

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