I got my tongue pierced a week ago. It’s not infected or anything, but hurts, sometimes into my neck?

I had it pierced, and it didn't hurt my tongue barely at all, but it hurt on the left side of my neck...it feels like...like my jaw is out? You know that dull pain you have if your jaw is out of wack? It feels like that, even still. it's been a week, and I can talk fine, eat, drink, blah blah blah. The swelling has gone down most of the way [it's still slightly swelled but nothing bothersome]. What's got my wondering is the pain. If I just barely stretch my tongue, it hurts my neck and the center of my tongue. It kinda hurts up into my ear as well. Could this be because it's still a little swelled? The tip of my tongue is slightly numb sometimes too, varying from not numb at all to the point where i could bite down on it and it wouldn't feel the teeth even. There's no goo, sores, my tongue isn't twitchy like it was when it was first pierced, nothing...but I'd just like to know if the pain is normal with some people, and when i can expect it to go away. I've been using plain Listerine, which I heard can aggrivate it and prevent healing, so last night I made a 50/50 mix with purified water. I also heard you're supposed to only eat soft foods for a week or so? I haven't been doing that either, the first day i ate a taco and have been eating normally since. So could this have something to do with my issues? BTW, the bar is a typical fresh piercing bar, not too short, so that isn't it. None of my friends who have had it done have had pain this long, or if they did they never mentioned it. I almost feel like it's pushing on a nerve, or like...when i stretch it out the bar is 'in the way' of a muscle... I know I'm probably not making much sense but I'm trying to be as detailed as possible. He had to pierce it slightly crooked, due to my webbing. The top isn't off by much though, if any. It's really only crooked underneath. I'm not willing to take it out for no good reason, because I love it, especially since I've had it I've been playing with it instead of eating [I have an oral fixation or something, lol] and I'm starting to lose a little weight already. Plus i'm not putting that $30 to waste and I'm definitely not getting it pierced again. it wasn't too bad the first time, but twice...nahhh. So, any REAL advice would be nice. Please no jerky "tongue piercings are stupid" or "your tongue will rot off" crap. It's pretty hard to get an infection in your tongue, due to the saliva, so don't pull that. Thank you for any help :)

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  1. Sam . Says:

    It very well might have sprained a nerve in your tongue. It is incredibly easy for the piercer to accidentally hit a nerve in your tongue because your tongue is a muscle. Tongue piercings are very dangerous because they can cause a lot of problems, even losing your speech if you pierce an important nerve. The best advice I could give you is that you need to get it checked out by a doctor, that’s what I would do.

  2. Steven S Says:

    it sounds hot to me

  3. Celena Says:

    Trust me, you’re fine lol When I first got my tongue pierced the same thing happened and mine never got infected. That’s going to happen. When your tongue gets pierced, your nerves are going to spaze. Completely normal. Just keep using the listerene mixed with water. Good Luck

  4. fleur_horse Says:

    What you’re experiencing is normal.

    Firstly, when your tongue is clamped for piercing, you may not realise it, but your tongue is usually trying to get back in your mouth. The piercer is able to hold the tongue still, but your muscles still strain to pull it back (self-preservation thing).

    Also, your tongue isn’t used to carrying the weight of a bar. It may seem light to your hand if you hold it, but to your tongue that never has to lift/carry anything, it’s heavy and your muscles in and around the area can feel fatigued for a few days. Also, your tongue has to learn to talk “around” the piercing.

    So what you’re experiencing is really just your tongue getting used to the piercing.

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