which 2nd piercing should i get? tragus (R)? nose? navel? cartilage/helix? industrial? monroe? or lobe?

k, so my 1st piercing that i got is the tragus piercing on my left ear, so i've been thinking about getting my 2nd piercing, & i have choices: so should i get my tragus pierced on my right ear, nose pierced on my left side, navel, cartilage stud pierced on my right ear, cartilage hoop pierced on my left ear, industrial, monroe pierced on the left side, lobes pierced on both ears, or other? ps: don't suggest eyebrow, tongue, web, & genital piercings because, i'm not gonna get this because, it stings THANX :)

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  1. Marissa Miller Says:

    either the nose on the left side or the navel. But if its really only one choice i would choose the nose

  2. <3 <3 Says:

    TRAGUS! so pretty :) im thinking of getting one too. hopefully it doesn’t hurt

  3. Sammy Joseph Says:


  4. orange. Says:


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