TEENS: should i get my tongue pierced?

i was thinking about getting my tongue pierced for my 16th birthday. are there any teens out there that have their tongue pierced? could you please give me some information and the aftercare, and show your experience with the piercing? that would be great. and also, do you recommend that i get it? why or why not? please, only answer this if you have your tongue pierced or had your tongue pierced at one point. i don't need people who don't have it done telling me how it's gross and apparently only used for oral sex. first off, i am not a fucking whore. GOT IT??! and i have a question just like this asked in the health and beauty skin and body section, but no one is answering it. i am getting better results here.

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  1. Sofia Camacho Says:

    just the ugly girls in my school… dobnt get it…

  2. LOYFOY Says:

    No. Its a turn off for guys. Don’t do it. It looks stupid

  3. s?sh? Says:

    I was going to get my tongue pierced for my 16th birthday too. But then I decided not to, I want my license instead! Piercings are high maintenance. Although oral piercings don’t become infected as easily as other piercings.

    My friend had her tongue pierced, and she ripped it out. You can’t kiss or perform oral sex for weeks. And if you smoke, or drink, you’ll hate life — but you shouldn’t be doing either, anyways Lol!

    HOWEVER, I do like it and it’s cute. I don’t think it’s trashy or gross. It’s only gross if it is not maintained. Some do use it for oral sex, but I know virgins with tongue rings. It sometimes portrays a negative image, though.

  4. MissFelony. Says:

    If you get it pierced your tongue swells up for 1-2 days, and then it transfers to your throat which makes that swollen as well….

    If you’re willing to take that then go for it

  5. Momma of 3 Says:

    I’m not a teen anymore but when I was 15 I got my best friend to peirce my tounge (and I’m not ugly!) The first day it was pretty swollen and I couldn’t eat and I talked a little funny but that was the only day. You clean it by using mouthwash, daily of course. If you let it go to long without cleaning it it can get you sick(like sore throat) Also I reccomend getting a metal barbell opposed to a plastic one cause plastic ones can hide food, pretty gross. I liked mine and had it until I was 19 and eventually took it out cause my boyfriend didn’t like it…and I kind of passed my crazy teen phase. But when I had it I liked it and played with it all the time and always got crazy cool barbells.

  6. Kayla Island Ferry Says:

    don’t get it, they aren’t that cool and it hurts like hell (:

    Kayla Island Ferry

  7. shelbyxmadison Says:

    I had my tongue pierced. I got it done when I was 15. Its just a piercing. A lot of people get piercings for show. If you want it and your parents are okay with it then why not. I think it is one of the easiest piercings to hide for occasions where you don’t feel its appropriate because it is in your mouth and they make clear rings for it.

    Just remember to clean it! Rinse with non alcohol based mouthwash after every meal or it will get infected and give you horrible breath. And this piercing hurts (almost constantly) and swells for a few days so be sure you have Tylenol, Advil, and ice available

  8. TralisaW Says:

    i have my tongue pierced but i waited until i was 20 years old. it doesnt hurt and the after care is easy just rinse with listerine after EVERY meal, drink, or smoke. I would suggest u wait but until you are older simply because you may change your mind.

  9. Edward John Says:

    Yup. It feels a lot better for the guy during oral sex.


  10. Australopithecus Says:

    You’ll get MUCH better answers in the health&beauty>skin&body>other-skin&body section.

    That’s where people go usually to ask questions about piercings.

  11. IloveLucky? Says:

    I dont have one, but my older sister, and her boyfriend have one.
    Anyway, apparently if you play with it (with your tongue) ill will start to push your front teeth out ward. Also, i was told that your tongue is the easiest place to get infected if you get it pierced. So be careful. and make sure to clean it !

  12. D D Says:

    DO IT

  13. Alex Says:


  14. twilightgurl Says:

    Eww no…cause what if you were kissing a guy and accidently stabbed him.

    jk jk, but seriously dont do it!

  15. loner Says:

    NO! That is stupid and unnecessary, it’s such a complete turn off to

  16. Jewely Says:

    I think piercings anywhere besides your ears are trashy and unnatural. How are you going to feel at a job interview for a nice place? You’ll probably regret it.

  17. melior quam vos Says:

    Do it.
    Use mouthwash after you eat, drink, and smoke.
    If you’re doing it so you can give better head, I’ll tell you right now that it won’t make a difference. As long as you give head right, at least.

  18. Avatar With No Name Says:

    Guys, just because a girl has her tongue pierced it doesn’t automatically mean she’s a whore, so back off! >:(

    Okay, l don’t have my tongue pierced but l was going to, until l decided to get my lip pierced instead (big mistake, l took it out within 7 months!) but anyway – from my cousins experience (both of them have it done) they said it does hurt and it is not used for oral sex at all! It can ruin your gums, and teeth though; so bear that in mind. You may bite on the bar and chip your tooth and that is the most common cause of a cracked tooth. Personally for me, l don’t think you should BUT it’s your body and your tongue :o ) It won’t get infected if you,

    - Go to a professional piercer
    - Clean your tongue and teeth daily
    - Eat cold/soft foods

    You won’t be able to eat solids for at least a week! So no McDonalds for you :o ) Good luck if you get it done! Don’t worry about what other people say. Sorry if l answered this and l don’t have my tongue pierced, l just wanted to help.

  19. Love is the heart's weakness Says:

    I personally, don’t have mine done, but my best friend and sister have just gotten theirs done. I want mine done really bad.

    But anyways,
    I went with both of them when they got theirs pierced, and the piercer said, clean with alchol free mouthwash-but NOT everytime you eat, He said it’s worse if you clean it too much! But basically you keep the barbell in for like 6 monthes, and rinse with mouth wash-and you’re good. Both of theirs sweeled up-but they were still able to eat,

  20. Duffy ? Says:

    I have it done, no I am not a slut, it’s only a slutty piercing if you make it slutty! :)
    I usually wear a small peach colored stud for school, and I have an array of colored ones for week-ends. I only really wear small and often very subtle studs because I’m all too aware that people may find it unnatractive. However, I only have my nose and ear lobes and bellybutton pierced, so I don’t have LOADS of piercings.. I love it.
    It’s a very painful piercing to have done but it’s over as fast as it comes. To clean it you only need to brush teeth well and use mouthwash.. It heals pretty fast. However, it will bruise and be very tender for up to three weeks. Mine was sore for two weeks. :(
    It’s a great piercing and if you want one, go for it! If you’re not sure, you can always buy a suction stud from hot topic and see how you like the look :) xxx

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