Names for my book characters?

Main girl: Girl with red hair and green eyes. Main boy: Blonde hair, grey eyes. Semi-main girl: Short black hair and piercing blue eyes. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Names I like:: Charlotte Alijai Xeralia I love unusual names, too. Thank you again.

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  1. JCP Says:

    Lavinia Riverstone
    Alexavier Freeman
    Jacinta Berry

  2. Bubble Bubble Says:

    don’t do Charlotte it’s way too common. the other two names you have are good but what about names with interesting meaning that represents your characters personality. try looking up baby names also what about greek gods and goddess names, i think the name Athena is pretty.

  3. Jessica1996 Says:

    I do like the names for the boy and the semi main girl, but i think the main characters name should be more unusual, like the other 2. I like these names:) :

    You will probably think of a better name though:D

  4. Mel Says:

    Main Gal: Gemma
    Main guy: Jace
    Semi-main girl: Alexa

    The names just hit me!

  5. Bailey Says:

    some of my favorite names for red heads like myself are Sage, Aingeal (it’s Celtic for Angle) and Kelsia.
    as for the boy, my favorite name for guys are Viro, Vitae, Emberio, Luke, Ian, Sebastian, and Dimitri
    as for the other, i like Zelfia, Shanena, Scarlet, Onyxia, and Jezabell.
    most of these i made up for my own books but i really don’t care if other people use them.
    if you like any of them, i’m glad to help. hope your happy with your final names, good luck with your book =D

  6. Night owl Says:

    The first name i though of for your main female charatcer was Lily. As in Lily Potter, for the Harry Potter series. Red hair, Green eyes.

    I like the name Charlotte for her. Her nickname could be Charlie, or Lotty, Lotta or Arlo.

    No sure about the main male.

    Maybe something starting with D for the Semi-Main female. Demi, Dacey Dalia or Dawn.

  7. Josie "Jayfeather" Mulca?ey ? Says:

    Here’s some unique names. I included pronunciations next to most of them.

    Main girl:
    Thalia (Thal-ee-A)
    Vuran (Vurr-an or Vurr-in)
    Kyrine/Kyrin (Ky-reen or Ky-rin)
    Chanselle (Chan-sell or Chan-zell)
    Cyril (Seer-ill)

    Main boy:
    Shaide (Shade)
    Myre (My-err)
    Elliot or Emmet
    Volteer (Voll-teer)

    Semi-main girl:

    Nyra (Nigh-ra)
    Nevar (“Raven” backwards!)
    Victoria or Vyctoria
    Cynder (Cinder)
    Embyrr or Embyr

    I hope I helped, and good luck with the story!
    ~Josie Jayfeather <3

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