Is FX Inc. at West Edmonton Mall a good place to get pierced?

I can't find a place to review this piercing shop online, so I thought I'd put it here-- just to get the information out there. You should not get your piercings done here. Though the staff are friendly, the store uses the LOWEST quality of steel available for their piercing studs. You don't have a choice here when it comes to what material they pierce you with. The steel they use is toxic. Like a scab, piercings heal from the top down. When you get pierced with this kind of steel, the lip begins to heal, and heals down as it should, but very quickly (before the piercing is fully healed) the skin at the top begins to slough off and turn white. This is a sign of infection from the toxic, low-quality steel. No steel is very good for piercings, but there are different grades, some better than others. The kind of steel stud they put in you is the kind keychains are made out of. Seriously, spend more money and get pierced somewhere where they use glass or titanium. You won't get infected, your piercing will heal better and more quickly, and you won't be misinformed about aftercare. Oh, yeah: FX Inc. recommends sea salt water to be used on new oral piercings. No, no, no. If you put your hand on it or you've been licking floors, this is a good idea as it dries the piercing out. However, if you use it often, it dries out the piercing and keeps it from healing quickly or correctly. Anyway, just putting the information out there, as I'm sure people have this question.

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  1. Dayna. Says:

    I dont see why you shouldnt get pierced there?
    try it!

  2. Alexia Says:

    I was thinking of getting my piercing done there.. now I’ll definitely reconsider it and look for a better place. :D

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