piercings and neck piercings?

So i have a few questions about piercings So two months has passes since i have gotten my left cartilage pierced and now i can finally change the earring(hurray!) -what type of earring should i put in so it wont get infected?(sterling silver?) -I want to get three more piercings,(two on left lobe, one more on right) -i'm 17, do i have to bring my parents to get it done or can i bring a friend who is 18? I bought this weird earring today for my cartilage and it unscrew and its shaped weird so i would have to put it on the back of my cartilage then screw the front on. idk if i got the right earring? Neck piercings! I want tog et a piercing in an unusual place. is the back of the neck an annoying place to get it? will it annoy me all the time? what kind of earring would you use for that? and then later i want an industrial! I'm allergic to gold

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  1. Lucy ? Says:

    i would go for a pure gold earing.

    DONT QUOTE ME ON THIS, but i thought/heard that once you are 16, you can get piercings without parents permission.

    neck piercings, i like the fact that its unusual, but if you forget its there and knock it, it could really hurt.


  2. Alex Says:

    My best friend got her neck pierced and she forgets it’s there. She also likes the fact that she can switch it out with tongue rings, so she has more of a variety to choose from. The only complaint she is things sometimes get hooked on it and pull ( shirts, and sometimes when people hug her, their sleeves get caught).

  3. Karla R Says:

    respect yourself and your body,will you?

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