Have you ever been pressured to get a piercing? ?

I was dating a gal several years ago that really wanted me to get a penis piercing.I went as far as going to this piercing studio and looking around a bit,but that was all. I said no flat out and it was never brought up again.Well after some years and research I now have 10 ten genital piercings.lol So the question is... Have you ever been asked to get a piercing and decided not to.Then later changed your mind and got it anyway.I'm talking about any piercing not just one below the waist.

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  1. shawntae Says:

    woah u can get that???

    it prolly hurt like hell!!!lol

  2. singlebelovedangel20 Says:

    I was pressured into gettin my labret done and I refused to cuz at the time I wasn’t crazy about facial piercings the tongue was it…but a couple weeks later after holding a barbell with just a lil ball on it I thought it looked sexy on me and I got it done now i have had it done for 2 years and I think it is still sexy as hell and one of my favorite piercings

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