New surface piercing help?

I got my sternum pierced two days ago is it normal for it to be bleeding slightly and to have some redness/swelling? here is a pic some of the redness there is blood that i haven't washed off properly thankyou! dear ali, are you retarded? i clearly said sternum, not septum... there's even a picture? die in a hole you illiterate fuck :)

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  1. Mr. P Says:

    Ewwwww! Take that nasty thing out of there, it looks like it is infected to me, not to mention that is NASTY.

  2. Blah Blah Blah.... Says:

    Good luck with that! I had mine done and it did not heal at all! I ended up taking it out a few weeks later. But you are lucky if you get to keep it for a while. Those also migrate really bad, as with all surface piercings. But keep it clean with the antibacterial soap thats about all you can do. And try not to bump it alot and piss it off!

  3. Ali Says:

    septums are gross they dont look good on anyone! just take it out! and looks infected to me.

  4. Felidae Says:

    It’s normal for newly pierced areas to be red. But keep an eye on it because surface piercings don’t tend to last very long and may soon start to show signs of migration or rejection, in which case taking it out is advised to reduce scarring and keep it to a minimum.

    You may wish to look in to getting microdermals or skin divers if you’re looking for a more ‘permanent’ solution.

  5. DIXIE Says:

    …it looks fine!!! just keep the dried blood cleaned away!!!

  6. Franny Says:

    That’s totally normal. Mine did the same thing when I had it. Keep it clean, do sea salt soaks twice a day. Surface piercings reject often so be sure you’re taking adequate care of it. If it starts to get too bad, go back to your piercer and have them put in a piece of tygon. It’s little clear plastic tubing and that might help some. You’ll just have to super glue the balls down inside it(trust me, this is completely safe to do.)

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