Help about nipple piercings?

I am planning to get both of my nipples pierced in under a month but, before I do so, I wanted to get a few answers for the questions I have: -What is the healing process like? I've heard about itchiness, peeling, extreme soreness, etc. -How would you clean it as it heals? -Are bars or rings better for proper healing? I'm much more partial to bars. -Would the nipples stay hard all the time since there's a bar through them? -I heard about them "aching" when they get hard, is this true or false? -Once their healed, if they're "handled" roughly, is there any next day soreness, etc? -Risk of infection/other complications with nipple piercings? Thanks! Unfortunately, since negative opinions on piercings/body mods often come up, I will have to address a few issues. To solve this breastfeeding/marriage issue that keeps being brought up, I will say this: I do not plan on having children, therefore I will not need to breastfeed. If I decide to put myself through pregnancy + child rearing, I will remove the piercings but, like I said, this is extremely, extremely unlikely. Additionally, if I choose to marry, my husband would have to be accepting of me and the piercings/other body modifications I have. :] Like I said, please no negative opinions - only actual help/advice. And, answerer #1, I already have ear piercings, nostril, septum, etc, done. I'm not going for the ears again. Thanks.

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  1. Leilani Says:

    Ewwwwww nipple piercings?!?!?! How about…ear piercings? You know!,….. The normal and attractive ones :)

  2. ponofficial Says:

    Dear Friend ,

    I understand your liking towards for fashion.But did you ever think about the reason why your piercing your Nipple.First and foremost piercing is done for fashion ! The people who pierced their bodies were called PAGANS.But as time passed, some society accepted body piercing as a normal thing.Iam not against it .But I don’t find any sense to pierce a Nipple.Irrespective of whether you have a baby or not Nipple piercing is very dangerous.!!I would suggest you to consult a medical doctor to know about the effects of nipple piercing .since Iam hoping none of us can help you about it since I think no one has ever done it IN THIS WORLD.Also My opnion is that since Nipples are very sensitive part of your body , it is not advisable to pierce in that area .

  3. diamondsarebliss Says:

    1. The healing process for women is between 6 to 12 months.
    2. The nipple peircing heals from the outer edge to the center.
    3. Make sure the nipple peircing is a 14 guage to avoid the peircing from tearing
    4. Try to avoid hot tubs, pools or changing the peircing for the first year
    5. Do sea salt soaks while watching TV 2-3 times a day and order some EMU oil online. EMU oil with reduce redness and swollen nipples, it will make your peircings heal faster and with get rid of or prevent infection.
    6. Ask your peircer if bars or rings are better, he/she has peirced nipples many times and every peircer is is different and has different guide lines.
    7. I don’t imagine the nipple would stay hard unless it was irritated, (ask the tattoo artist)
    8. True i would assume. You have a bar through them.
    9. Depends on the person and their pain tolerance
    10. There are always risk of infections with any peircing, clean them like I said and dont take the jewlery out or play with them during the healing process and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  4. redleg Says:

    While I strongly advice you against this it I also see you are no rookie to body piercings and you are young but mature enough to make rational decisions. With any piercing as you know infection is a high risk. In your case both nipples will be pierce so for at least a couple of weeks no hands on activity and I think you get my drift there. This will help in reduction of possible infection and soreness. After the piercing do not wear a bra for several weeks again the roughness of anything but silk can cause irritation and soreness. The piercing of the nipple but be precise. In the heat of the moment obviously your nipples harded the piercing and insertion of the bar should allow for this. The center of your nipple allows for expansion and is best for placement. During your intimate occasions some rough handling of your breast mat occur and your bars become irritated. However, any time you have body piercing I I’m sure your aware of this fact a piercing area is susceptible to uncomfortable pressure during a close encounter. A question you may ask yourself what will these bars be made of? Gold, silver or surgical steel? You have had other piercing so I suggest what mental you have used before you use the the same with your nipples. This should prevent an unexpected allergy reaction. My wife uses alcohol to clean her ear rings and pierced area. This at time is unpleasant but nevertheless, it’s the clean way to do so. The nipples won’t necessary stay hard all the time, however, from my previous observation the nipples tend to be fuller. I don’t think the term hard would describe that. You already know that any incision to the body no matter how small leaves a scar. The healing process will cover this scaring to view. You also know this is a foreign object your attaching to your body so the size of the bar should be suitable for you size. As time goes by your nipples will accept these bars and the area of your nipple will strengthen/heal/adapt meaning your breast may be handle in a firmer matter. Just not the first several weeks. I knew only one woman with pierce nipples she seem to have adapted to then very well. In fact she loved them. That’s my only experience with nipple piercing and her comments. But were all different so monitor yourself everyday. Who conducts this piercing should provide you additional information concerning the cleaning and care of your nipples. You should know about their experience. I wish you the very best

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