VCH piercing help!?

Okay so I really want a vch piercing but I am to young to get one without my parents permission. So I've been looking at a lot of sites about it & they said you really should NOT get it done at home, only by a professional piercer. But I don't want to wait and my friend says he know someone that has some experience with piercings & that she said she would do it but she's not exactly experienced with genital piercings. Would this be okay if we had all the right equipment (needle receiving tube, 12g or 14g barbell, ect.) It would be helpful if you gave me some tips on what size gauge I should get & what else we would need. I'm still pretty young and not fully matured yet. Or would it be possible for my friend to take me in a professional piercing place and say he's my brother or something? Or do you need parents permission. He's 18. Anything you have to say will be much appreciated & helpful. (: Thanks for the advice, I don't think I'm going to go threw with it. But if we can find someone with the right training maybe I will?

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  1. meggie Says:

    WAIT…thats the best advice anyone can give you.

  2. k8lander Says:

    No piercing place will pierce a minor’s nipples or genitalia. Even with parental consent. And, if you go with a parent for a different kind of piercing, they have to show an id that proves they’re your parent.

    You should seriously wait until you’re old enough. I know that sucks, but: Could you imagine messing up the piercing, and never being able to orgasm again? Aah! Don’t do it on your own or have someone that’s not trained!

    Piercers have to take a special course to be able to do female genital piercing, which tells you how hard it can be to do it perfectly. Just because you have the right stuff doesn’t mean it will wind up in the right spot.

    They’re totally worth the wait.

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