Is my labret embedding or is it just swollen?

I got my lip pierced 3 days ago with a stud. the stud is at least 3/8-1/2" in length. I've had my lip pierced before, and last time the same thing happened, but it didn't swell at all last time, maybe a tiny bit if any. but my lip is really swollen. It's been sore and swollen, nothing unusual for a fresh piercing. but the disk on the back is sinking into my lip and there's a film around the edge of the disk. if I pull my lip down, the disk looks normal, laying flat on my the inside of my lip. so, my question is - is it just the swelling or does it sound more like it's becoming embedded in my lip?

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  1. Christy Says:

    Its most likely just swollen.
    It will be like that for about a week.
    If its like that more than about a week and a half. you might wanna check for pus and redness, then take it out.
    but most lip rings do that.
    just every now and then push it away from the inside of your lip, and clean it

    good luck(:

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