My Cartilage Piercings are very sore. Please help!?

I just got my cartilage(s) pierced on both ears a few days ago. I got them done with a piercing gun. Not trying to be rude but i already know that piercing guns are dangerous and all. My ears are red and also a little swollen; They REALLY hurt! I'm pretty sure they're not infected. I've been cleaning them several times a day with various products including the cleaning solution that came with the piercing package. I've also been using Sea Salt for Body and Oral piercings, I used it for my lip piercing also and that healed wonderfully. I was just wondering if anyone knew any ways that i could relieve pain and if so how? Also, is it normal for my ears to be this sore? Is there anything that i can buy to help reduce pain, redness, and swelling? I was wondering if ice would help?

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  1. airforcegrrrl Says:

    Ice will most likely help the pain. I had my cartilage pierced years ago, and it never healed properly, I ended up having to take it out because it never stopped hurting. You might try the suggestions I found on a home remedy site to help it heal faster.

    This question has also been asked before on yahoo answers and i included that link as well.

  2. Strawberri_Chii Says:

    I did my cartilage myself and it was sore for about a week after, but like you I cleaned it faithfully. I think its just healing. Aspirin helps the pain and brings down swelling.

  3. Tammy A Says:

    when u pierced your cartilage it takes longer to heal than normal pierceing mine stayed sore for almost 6months i finally took mine out

  4. Jenny Says:

    take some advil, and wait a week if it is really really painful take them out.

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