most painful piercing??

ok mine so far was my inverse belly (idk y it hurt alot alot alot tho) i hav my snug,tragus,monroe,lobes, and cartlidge. at one time i wanted my conch but backed out after it costed 75$ years later i want it, its 40$ now to my piercer which is pretty cheap. im affraid i will back out though, because expirences say it is the most painful and more so then some genital piercings. although. mmy snug was sposed to hurt like hell which it rlly didnt. is it better to get a conch with a ring or barbell? with a barbell im affraid it will be too short and get infected.. like my snug and anti tragus. answer any of my questions if u know about conches. or answer . what was your most painful piercing? your nape? i heard the back of the neck dosent hurt that bad. i wouldnt want it though, i cant see it and i dnt like how long the bars are.

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  1. cookie Says:

    my most painful one was the one behind my neck……..ouch

  2. northcarrlight Says:


  3. ? Lindsay ? Says:

    Industrial. That hurt A LOT!

    My friend had a conch piercing a couple of months back. She said it hurts but the pain is over straight after piercing.
    (She did almost faint though so have a bottle of water and a supportive person with you!)

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