Do you find tongue piercings attractive on girls?

I'm thinking of getting my tongue pierced, do you think tongue piercings are sexy or gross? Do they really make you better at oral sex? Food doesn't get caught in it! My brother, sister and some of my friends have them and they never have food caught in it and they don't have bad breath.

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  1. alaynamp01 Says:

    basically your asking
    “does food stuck in my tounge ring look attractive”


  2. festman Says:

    No, Tongue piercings give you bad breath, and food gets stuck under it, and you will have a hole in your tongue, how nasty!!!

  3. joe B Says:

    They don’t make you better at it, but if you have one it means you give head. And if you don’t, they will be pissed and never go out with you again. So basicly it means ‘i will suck your #$% if you go out with me’

    Think im lying?? Get one, and watch the responce.

  4. Ms. X Says:

    I find them gross. Please look at the link for the top 4 reasons to have a tongue piercing and the top 7 not to:

  5. Mike M Says:

    they are UGLY it makes your tongue look like a trailer hitch and you will talk funny.

  6. Arthur A Says:

    I think it look terrible and there really is no reason to have it done despite what others may tell you, because I for one wouldn’t want a girlfriend with that in her tongue. I can’t speak for anybody else who may like it.

  7. Hollywood Material Says:

    Hey Babe you should totally get it before i got mines i was terrified what people would think of me but then i realized i don’t give a rats ass of what people thought about me personally i love tongue rings and not just because i have mines don’t they rock though you shouldn’t be on here asking what people think if you think your going to look good (which you cant really go wrong with a tongue ring) then go ahead DO IT! they are fun to have and play with when your bored and as far as the whole oral sex stuff goes i don’t know because i don’t do that well I’m a virgin so yeah!!!….
    Rayna aka


  8. ANA Says:

    Honestly, I like them, I actually got mines done 3 weeks ago. They do not look gross they are actually pretty sexy if you ask me, so I suggest you get it done. And as far as oral sex it just adds a little more sensation to it. And for food, it sometimes does get caught in the piercing but its very easy to get it out, mostly its just stuff like noodles that will get caught in it. And on the bad breath that is no issue, cause it would be just like when you didn’t have your tongue ring. Go ahead and get your tongue pierced.

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