Why do people make such a big deal over ear piercing?

I get confused when people make such a big deal about ear piercing. I've had my ears pierced since i was a baby, and so had my friends and cousins and every girl I know. So I was just wondering why people make such a big deal about it, especially in movies. Yeah i have one only in each ear , no peircings anywhere else!

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  1. Sparkle Says:

    its not a big deal..but i think having just 1 hole in each ear is more lady like..

  2. crystal Says:

    I agree…I get my girls theirs as soon as they get their shots at the earliest point…it hurts less because the skin is thinner…I just think it’s pretty and I’m doing them a favor so they don’t got to get it done later…I think it’s just feminine…Yea,and only 1 hole in the ear…

  3. tennisqt<3 Says:

    it really kinda depends on where and what they are getting pierced.
    i mean i think any where other than the ear is just kinda gross

  4. Julie Says:

    Depending on what age the person is they have to be responsible for their ears. Some because of religious beliefs. They don’t believe you should put a whole into your body if God did not put it there. Hope that helps.

  5. awesome! Says:

    i dont know..maybe its cause its like you putting holes in your body..
    but i dont think its a big deal..i have 4 piercings in my ear and i want to get it done a 3rd time

  6. Shawnie Says:

    No one that I know makes a big deal over it?
    Almost all girls have it done.

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