This is quite embarressing?

My boyfriend has a genital piercing, a Prince Albert to be exact, and just the last time we had sex he lost his ball from his piercings and we aren't quite sure where it's at. We both search inside to try and make sure that it isn't there [because this has happened before] but we unable to find it. Does anyone have any advice?

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  1. Sarah M Says:

    go to the gyno

  2. Alexis Says:

    i honestly dont know what to say

  3. ash Says:

    embarrassing as it it i think you need to get checked its very bad 4 u if it stays in there. and i suggest he either gets a tighter ball on his peircing or…take it out

  4. Megan Says:

    have him take it out b 4 sex.
    andd go to the gyno.

  5. K R Says:

    Go to the gyno, those little balls are just small enough to get up into your uterus and cause infections and fertility problems.

    In the future, make him wear a condom so if the ball comes off it stays in the rubber. Better yet, make him take out his prince albert during sex.

  6. shellmo_x Says:

    you need to go to the doctor o have it taken out
    it can cause infections
    or even toxic shock syndrome if you just leave it there, and toxic shock will kill you if the object is not removed
    get him to take it out before you have sex so this doesn’t happen agen

  7. Chez Says:

    I’d go and see a doctor about it to make sure and I’d tell your boyfriend to either get rid of the piercing or make sure it’s tight enough so it won’t come off.

  8. rfs8734 Says:

    well, it may be embarassing, but it’s better to go to a doctor to make sure nothing is there, just to be safe. like another person said on here, either have him take it out or have him put it on tight so it won’t fall off. good luck! :)

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