what facial piercing shoudl i get?

i dont know witch one to get what onw do you think would look good on me and also do u think my hair is cool and am i ugly me: http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/strawberrybrat302/?action=view&current=PIX010.jpg http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/strawberrybrat302/?action=view&current=PIX028.jpg http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/strawberrybrat302/?action=view&current=PIX025.jpg

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  1. ssweeps Says:


  2. A?a Says:

    Nose, and ur hair is fine.

  3. me! Says:

    nose get ur nose done sorry i couldn’t look at the pics but, do your nose p.s. dont ask us people make your own decisions. dont get into the habit of having others make decisions for you!

  4. stormy.! Says:

    Get a pink nose stud.
    It’d look cute on you.

  5. :) Monkey Lover :) Says:

    i like the pink

  6. Go home or Live here peacefully Says:

    Not ugly
    Just cute
    I think your style YOU should get an eyebrow ring. Only 1 side though.

  7. crzygurl1122 Says:


  8. BARRY Says:

    Don’t do it – you’re cute – you’ll mess up your face!

  9. BeholdingBeauty Says:

    I wouldn’t consider none b/c they hurt so bad and take a longer time to heal than ears. That’s what some people say.

    But if you really want to, i would say nose

  10. <3PRiNC3$$<3 Says:

    ok dont get a peirsing on ur face jezz

    get you belly button peirsed

  11. Kathryn Says:

    Prolly a nose stud!!! Yes your hair is very cool!!!! I want pink hair!!

  12. Tangie P. Says:

    nose and tongue
    ur so cute :)

  13. justin h Says:

    Dont get nose you’ll look like a bull. Dont get anything it looks ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bettina S Says:

    I perfer none. But, the best to me is a nose ring.

  15. umbrella journalist Says:

    You’re pretty cute, but I think your hair might be a bit much. It’s like, four colours, and that’s a little extreme. I like the pink, you should dye all your hair like that.

    Also I think a good starter piercing is eyebrow because if it looks bad and you take it out, you can’t see the scar because of your eyebrow. I wouldn’t get a nose though, If it looks bad and you take it out, the scar that’s left behind is gross and annoying.

  16. xXSweetMurderXx Says:

    Get your lip pierced!!
    I like your hair=D

  17. Lauren S Says:

    I agree, I think a nose piercing would look nice on you. I have had mine done for over a year and I love it.

  18. slowpoke_115 Says:

    Lip, your hair looks pretty standard emo like, nice if your into that kinda thing… The lip will compliment the emo look nicely, however why not be drastic and daring and not look like a cult? Meh forget it… Send us all emails of whatever you get done, especially if you opt out of facial piercings and get your nipple done… Am I still typing, oops!

  19. funkyalmond2003 Says:

    NONE! You have a life to lead. They give off a real immature and unproffesional image. And inspite of what people tell you, the holes dont close up like they say. You will scar yourself for life. You are perfect the way you are now. IF it isn’t broke dont fix it.

  20. ms.suewilli Says:

    don’t get anything on your face pierced, your beautiful and you don’t need anything that’s going to distract from your face!

  21. REBOP Says:

    None…..Facial piercings would spoil your appearance.—If you wash the pink magic marker out of your hair….People would start to look at your incredible eyes & pretty smile.

  22. kwaid1992 Says:

    youre soooo not ugly.

    on your face i think this kind of piercing should work
    [just a google image]


  23. ?Snickers Says:

    well, don’t get a really noticeable one, like a RING. if you really want one just get a stud on your nose
    your hair? well…it looks like you dyed it, it looks ugly, just keep it blonde, it would look more natural.
    your eyes are gorgeous. they were the first think i noticed when i saw the third pic.

  24. Big B Says:

    do you really want to look like you just fell face first into a tackle box?

  25. Purple Says:

    Honestly, a teardrop piercing. Look it up, it’s beautiful. However it doesn’t work for a lot of people because it rejects a lot, and most people just aren’t crazy enough to get it. But I think it would look gorgeous on you.

  26. ? Says:

    I think it would be more wise to decide for yourself what piercing you wish to get.
    Whether it be a simple nose piercing or an anti-eyebrow piercing (known as tears). You still need to look after it, baby it. There is nothing worse then a body modification infection.

    In my opinion a nose piercing would look nice on you as well as a Monroe.
    Your choice however.

    You hair is fine. I really like that shade of pink. What dye did you use?
    And your not ugly. Pretty cute :]

  27. Old Tweety Says:

    You are not ugly, that’s why I don’t understand why on earth you would screw up your hair like you did. You look like Reese Witherspoon in the second picture but I doubt she would do such a disaster to her hair. Facial piercing? Why would you want to poke holes in your face? There’s nothing attractive about a diamond in your nose or a hoop hanging from your eyebrow. And the holes leave scars if you let them grow over. Why you would intentionally screw up your face is beyond me.

  28. Anna P Says:


  29. J D Says:

    start with the tongue

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