anywhere in mass i can get my tongue pierced w/o parent permission? im 17?

i read that state law says certain tattoo piercing parlors will do piercings for people age 16 and up, as long as it's not a nipple or genital piercing. i really want my tongue done, but my mom doesn't want me to do it, but my grandparents and aunt think i should and said they'd take me. i need help! i turn 17 in like 6 days there's no way i can wait till i'm 18!

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  1. John Says:

    That seems like a real reversal of order. Everyone seems to want you to get your tongue pierced EXCEPT for your Mom.

    You can get your tongue pierced with a grandparent’s permission, or at least in most states.

    Have a good time with your sexy tongue piercing!

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