Good piercings for girls?

For roughly about a year I had my nose pierced, but I had to take the jewelry out a couple of days ago. It's healed over (I'm thinking in a couple of weeks I may get it re-pierced, I just have to wait for the hole to fully heal). Although, I get bored with piercings easily. I've got my upper right ear pierced, my lobes pierced twice (but I don't wear earrings). I wanted my monroe, but then again, I think the metal jewelry would aggravate me/I don't really want the piercing that much anymore. I looked up 'good piercings' but just the usual would come up -- Navel, nose, tongue, etc etc. I'm kind of looking more towards ear piercings, I'm over the whole "I have to have metal in my face to look cool". Any cool looking ear piercings/simple facial piercings that I haven't quite heard of? Also -- I'd just like to add, I'm not so carefree about the oral piercings...mainly because I've had braces, and I don't want to damage my teeth/gums. Thanks in advance!! Earlier this year I wanted a neck piercing, but of course, my parents said NO! I don't really want common piercings...I don't want to be another face in the crowd. Wow, I sound so pushy! Sorry, but yeah I don't want the piercing that everybody else has...thanks

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  1. Christopher Says:

    Personally, A Lip Ring Suits Girls Perfectly

  2. Rachel R Says:

    I’ve got a daith piercing and I love it, plus I haven’t met anybody else who has it! It’s an ear piercing. For ears there are also tragas piercings, snug piercings, rook piercings, wikipedia has a lot of good ideas, just search for ear piercings on there!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I’d say Snakebites and Nose

  4. Ratnesh Says:

    for girls you should search indian pages from india

  5. Alley<3(; Says:

    monroe, and lip.
    or..your hips pierced
    or eyebrow

  6. Avatar535 Says:

    During clean up of Hurricane Hugo, I came across a custom jeweler. At the time I wore a Stud, and like my Tattoos, I wanted to call them my own(unique). I kept coming across loose bits of charm bracelets, so I approached the jeweler and for very low cost I bought a surgical steel-diamond stud and the jeweler would custom chain link various charms that he would give me as payment under the table for work. By the end of the month at Job’s end, I had a huge assortment of interchangeable stud accessories, and I could claim them as unique creations tailored to me. I had women in awe.
    So go find the small town jeweler, who still finds their jewelery an art, and custom make some designs.

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