got my tongue pierced 4 days ago. Now the tip of my tongue feels like its been burned?

This morning I ate some ranch corn nuts, and after wards the tip of my my tongue felt like it had been burned, and its felt that way all day too. I have no puss or anything coming out of my tongue and the only thing that is unusual is the burning sensation. Im worried it might have somehow got infected? Is this normal with a new tongue piercing? Should I go to the doctor? Also, I cant taste any salt flavor. Ive been washing my mouth with non-alcohol mouthwash every time i put something other than water in my mouth and brush my teeth twice a day

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  1. kish8ichigo Says:

    i think your supposed to wash it out with salt water :o

  2. Jazmine Says:

    my friend got her tongue peirced also, but she was told not to eat like stuff…for like two might be that or might’ve gotten affected..go check with your doctor

  3. Aaron T Says:

    it sounds infected to me but idk ive never had a peircing lol

    seeing a doctor might be best

  4. Dracsweety Says:

    Yes. Go to a doctor. I hope you went to a legit and professional piercer. Theres a possibilty of nerve damage. Chances are unlikely, that maybe its just sore… But deffinately get it checked out. I have my tongue pierced 3 times, and that never once happened. Of course it swells up and hurts a bit…but THAT is normal… Loosing taste is not.

    Are you deluting your mouth wash? Try deluting it 1/2 and 1/2.
    And Use a saltwater rinse. In my opinion, and through all 15 piercings, salt water rinses work wonders. PLEASE don’t use peroxide.

  5. Matt Says:

    Definitely get it checked out sooner than later. You don’t want an infection to spread, as your tongue is awfully close to your brain…and other sensitive areas.
    Just get it checked out if the burning sensations continue. You wounded your toungue…of course it can easily get infected. Be careful.

  6. clovergirly_99 Says:

    make sure your mouthwash is watered down some what…because if you dont water it down it will irritate your new piercing. Even though it is non alcoholic it may still be a little too strong because of how frequent you are rinsing your mouth. I think your fine u just have to becareful the first week on what u eat..because certain spicy foods will irritation your tongue and your piercing..i have had my tongue done for a year now and i remember my tongue getting irritated with certain foods, aswell as over rinsing..good luck

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