could i get my genitals pierced at 13?

my birthday is coming up and i was wondering if i could do it without parents knowin..becuase i dont wanna tell them becuase theyll be like wtf um why not do it?? how could i be a slut if im a boy?? and who says i wont be showing it off?? handling my junk?? yeah but its not like im asking for a effing bj

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  1. Read My Lips Says:

    Why would you do that, at 13 especially? Ew.

  2. tropikyss Says:

    LOL way to act your age! ;D Oh and no, in my opinion.

  3. Zarola Says:

    You’re either a troll or a very slutty 13 year old.
    I doubt you could do it even WITH permission.
    WHY do you need it at 13? You wouldn’t be showing it off, and if you would be, then that’s flat out wrong.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Thats a horrible idea for SO many reasons I cant even begin to explain on here…but to answer your question… will never be able to find someone willing to do that. Sure, there are people who illegally do piercings for underage people in sketchy situations…like their basement..but becsue of the location of yours, that is a VERY VERY risky piercing to do in the first place…much less on someone so young. You are still growing…and a lot will probabaly change “down there”. So the chances you have of finding someone to do it is like .00000000001%. Just wait anyway. I dont think you realize how it will hurt either

  5. audri Says:

    Most states won’t allow shops to pierce ANYTHING on you unless you’re 18 – even with any type of parental consent. No, I really don’t think anyone will pierce genitals, especially, if you’re 13.

    That’s “morally” wrong, too. A piercer is not gonna want to “handle” your junk if you’re underage – lawsuit.

    Edit: (In response to yours) They still have to touch your junk to pierce you.

  6. Anna Says:

    ya you just need parental consent (my friends moms boyfriend pretended to be my dad, so u could get any random person to pretend theyre ur parents -just make sure they know your birthday) and make sure you go to a reputable piercer (u wouldn’t want an infection down there!) and make sure you know, it will hurt pretty bad! and some girls dont like the feel of the metal, but others do.

    good luck and if you want it go get it!

  7. Fur Realz Says:

    You need parental permission to get anything pierced before you’re 18 (short of ears, if I’m not mistaken). You would need your parents either with you, or to sign a form, calling the store, and faxing/sending their drivers license to verify it was them. In fact, with genital piercings, any piercer who would, even with parental consent, pierce your genitals is absolutely sick. You don’t need your genitals pierced at 13, most anyone with any sense at all would agree with that. Wait till you’re 18, and consider it again. Besides, genital piercings look really fucking awkward. Probably, more than likely, even more so on someone who has hardly gone through puberty yet.

    Wait it out, kiddo. Do some research, look at pictures of penis’ that have been pierced (because god knows that’s what all 13 year old’s want to spend their time doing), and really reconsider it. There are few girls who find it attractive. Not to mention.. again.. it looks disgustingly awkward.

  8. Amber Says:

    you will need your parents permission but some of them wont ask your age but u may not get that lucky lol sometimes you can take a person who is 18 or older in with you and they will accept that but you will more than likely have to have your parents consent…good luck! :)

  9. Robyn :D Says:

    no, you have to be 18, with or without your parents permission.
    same with your nipples

  10. Bloeduwedd Says:

    No piercer will pierce you. First, for any piercing you need to be 18 or have parental consent. Anyone who either neglects to ask for ID or will pierce a minor without parental consent is not someone you want piercing you. Second, at 13 you’re barely hit puberty. Your penis still has a lot of growing to do. No piercer will pierce a 13-year-olds genitals, period.

    You haven’t thought this out much at all. Give it another 5 years of thought, and if you still want it, get it done then.

  11. Little Monster. Says:

    Honestly as a minor, it’s illegal to drop your pants for a professional unless it’s for medical reasons. The person piercing you can be charged with child abuse.
    Even if you’re not asking “for an effing bj”, that’s the law so deal with it.
    Why the hell would you need your junk pierced at 13 anyway? wtf.

    I’m tempted to say “pft. kids these days” but I’m only 18.

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