i want to get a vertical hood piercing done on my vagina has anyone had it done, how does it look and does it hurt?

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  1. blah Says:

    ow yes its very bad times

  2. coolgal_rockss93 Says:

    Gross.Is that even hygeinic??And are you gonna walk around showing it to people??..I shudder at the very thought..

  3. me :] Says:

    Um it’s gross and DUH it hurts!!

  4. Kaytee Says:

    Not Sure A Bout The Hurting Part, but im pretty sure, thats bound to turn guys on !!

  5. Simi Says:

    may be or may not why do u want to hurt yourself just for showoff

  6. Stephen G Says:

    it will most likely hurt as most peircings do, being a tender area i suspect its gonna hurt alot.

  7. _browneyedbabe_ Says:

    yes, its extremely painful.

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