How long can a nose ring be left out before the hole closes up?

I'm getting all of my wisdom teeth extracted next Friday. I was told by my oral surgeon that I will have to remove all jewelry during the process which includes my nose ring. I got my nose pierced September of 2007 and was wondering how long it takes an actual nose piercing to close up. I've never had the piercing out longer than 5 minutes. How long would it take it to close up? Should it be OK and easy to get back in after I wake up and make my way to the passenger seat of my roomate's car? Any information you can give is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Graveyard Bitch.!. Says:

    There is no specific set time in which the hole will close up, everyone is different so it is hard to tell. Could be half an hour, or a few hours, or a day.

    You should find out if you are able to wear a retainer to make sure it doesn’t close up.

  2. Weed Music n Sex? Says:

    i pierced mine myself, and took it out 2 days later, 2 weeks later..i put it back in fine…

    i think you will be fine for a little while with no ring in it.?

  3. SarinaAnn Says:

    Oh you should be fine to take it out for a day or two but no longer than that cause I had one for almost a year in a half and it closed within a few days.

  4. Becky B Says:

    It varies from person to person, but you should be fine. As someone suggested, check with your surgeon about a retainer for during surgery. I got my nose pierced almost twenty years ago and now leave it out for long periods of time. My daughter-in-law removes all her facial piercings each morning before work and they are fine til she gets off, her nose has been pierced for about 5 months.

  5. lovebean Says:

    it should be fine for a couple hours, id just make sure to try and put it back in as soon as possible after the surgery. you might have to work it though a little bit at first and it might be a bit painful. I’d say take a hot shower or put a hot compress on it before you try to put it back in, it softens the hole and makes it easier to get back in. After you get it in you could do a salt soak or put a hot compress on it at night to help if it swells.

  6. ElizabethMichele Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, unless you’re an extremely fast healer you should be fine. Just an FYI, I had my wisdom teeth out a few months ago, if they’re putting you under (for your sake I hope they are) there is no way in hell you’ll be coherent enough to put a nose ring in. So unless your mom can do it for you, I’d wait til after you get home and sleep it off for a while, trust me you won’t even care it’s not there.

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