What should these character’s names be?

1 A 17 year old girl. Long, bouncy, dark brown curls about 6 inches past her shoulders, jade color eyes, pale skin, long legs and arms, thin, average height. She is shy but once you get to know her she is bubbly and talkative. She loves the outdoors and loves going camping. She loves swimming and hiking, but she doesn't do any sports. She is slightly above average in school and loves to write. Her heart has been broken multiple times because she trusts everyone and half of the people she trusted betrayed her. She keeps most of her secrets to herself now that she realized that she can't rely on everyone. #2 An 18 year old boy. Character 1's boyfriend or best friend (haven't decided. help?) Straight dirty blonde hair that hangs in his eyes a little. Electric blue eyes that show his every emotion if you look closely. He is tall and thin, yet very muscular and kind of tan. He is barely passing in school and loves to tick off the teachers. He bounces around to different schools all the time but since he met character 1 he has been trying hard to stay at the school he's at now. He loves to talk and brag about his life as a juvenile delinquent. Most kids at the school dislike him and are scared of him for that though. He is overprotective over character 1 and that causes them to get in fights a lot. He lives with his grandparents because his parents died when he was younger. They go camping often during the summer and he doesn't mind it but he feels he could be doing more important things. #3 A 6 year old boy. Character 2's younger brother. Blonde hair spiked up on his head and electric blue eyes just like his older brothers. He's sweet, funny, and adventurous. He loves hiking around his grandparents property and going down to the river and fishing with his grandfather. His older brother is his idol so he is beginning to misbehave in school. He is tall for his age and is slightly chubby. He has freckles across his nose and he's very tan. #4 A 15 year old girl. Has absolutely no relation to Character 1, 2, or 3. She has white-blonde hair. She has stormy grey eyes that have hidden secrets in them. She is kind of an outcast at school. She has two best friends (both girls. would like names for them, too). She easily blends into the walls at her school. She has a sixth sense to be able to see and feel spirits that haven't been able to be passed on to the afterlife. She ignores it, and whenever they try to contact her she lets them know she doesn't want to help. The only spirits she can feel and see (can't hear) are the ones who still have things to do in the world. She wears dark clothing but she wears eyeliner and eye shadow and sometimes lip gloss but that's it. She usually has her nails painted black. She is a fantastic artist. She has an eyebrow and nose piercing. I was thinking maybe a kind of unusual name for her. Like Stormie or something along those lines. Do they sound like good characters? Perfect? Predictable? Help me?! @Madeline I'm the only one is my group of freinds (9/10 people) that has brown eyes. My best friend has natural JADE GREEN EYES and that's where I got the idea. The rest of my friends either have green or blue eyes. But I will change her eyes to nut-brown because it is really pretty and I think it would look better. Thanks. :D

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  1. ????? ??тн тнє вя?кєи ??иgѕ Says:

    character 1: Sounds good :) Hmmmm her name… Lets see: Lucy (Lucianna), Ella, Melody.
    Character 2: (He should be her best friend, maybe they could grow into a relationship?) His name:
    Chase, Elliot, Will
    Character 3: Ben? Nick
    Character 4: Julia, Gemma, Allison,Violet, Storm.
    Best friend: Ellie
    Best friend: Beth

    Sounds goood :)

    EDIT:Character 4: Raine!
    Lol sorry, i was thinking about it last night and that name popped into my head :)

  2. Lizzy Says:

    They sound like VERY good characters! I would like to know the stories that they are in.

    For the fist- Elizabeth
    Second-Thomas (a very protective name)
    Third-James or Stephen

    I think that characters one and two should have a complicated and awkward love life together. Two could love One without One actually knowing. Or One doesn’t really feel the same way. I don’t know.

    I hope I helped! I am an author myself and I have TONS of trouble trying to get good names for the characters in my stories!

  3. adoely Says:

    You have a wonderful imagination! I love writing too but unfortunately I haven’t for a while. :/ Anyways, for character #1, = was kind off thinking Lucy, but then I was envisioning her to be innocent, but you obviously want her to be more intricate and a bit secretive, so then I thought maybe along the lines of Ava or Leah. Character #2 is cool, but he might be more interesting with something strange, like jet black hair. He seems like he should be more troubled than the girl with the 6th sense. So, Liam could be kind of nice. Or Mason. His brother could be Sean,although I must admit, I’m kinda having trouble envisioning him…and then the other girl. I was totally thinking some strange name was in order before you said so lol. But I think shes way to predictable in appearance: basically, the classic goth girl (although the platinum blond hair is intriguing!) Maybe she could be an introvert who is still am outcast, but more skater-ish. Really, you never hear of a punk having a 6th sense lol. And maybe her name could be Lila or Raina or Dylan. Nothing TOO out there. But enough to be memorable you know? So yeah. That’s my insight. Sorry it’s so long but hopefully it will help! Haha good luck with your writing and God bless;)

  4. Moon Shadow Says:

    Just pick any name. Names aren’t that important. I wish more authors would focus on character and plot than what to call their characters. If you want a name with meaning, just buy any baby names book, or go onto any baby names website, and they give you all the meanings to names. Then you can add your characters personality traits to any given name. It’s not rocket science, this stuff is obvious. Research people, research. It isn’t hard.

  5. Madeline Says:

    These characters, honestly, sound a little too perfect. The majority of the population have brown eyes and up there you have “jade green eyes, electric blue eyes, stormy grey eyes” out of me and my friends, there’s only one person out of like ten people with blue eyes and his sister has brown eyes. Now, I’m not saying change their eyes, maybe just the first one since there’s no such thing as “jade green eyes” that can only be accomplished with contacts :) . Besides, I think brown eyes are beautiful.
    Also, give them some more physical flaws and maybe a little more of flawed personalities. Make the first one spiteful or jealous though no one would ever expect it. Even the sweetest of people are hateful at times.

    1: Anna, Olivia (Olive), Courtney
    2: Elliot, Hunter, Jacob
    3: Jack, Ferris, Patrick
    4: Story, Ariana, Drea, Wilder

    Hope this helps!

  6. Christina Says:

    Veronica, Victoria, Alicia, or Olivia.
    Zach, Jake, Landon, Drew, Justin, Brett, Brandon.
    Jacob, Richard, Nicky, Paulie, Anthony, Steven
    Corinne, Sage, Sloane, Serena, Lilah, Jade
    #4: Other friend
    Hanna, Miranda, Brittney, Allyson
    #4: Other friend
    Maya, Aria, Kloe, Sapphire

    Hope I helped! :)

    And no, they don’t sound perfect or predictable. They are pretty good characters.

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