Has this happened to you that the more you know something, the less willing you are to do it? What should I do?

A)I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed. I have to schedule it next year, so my insurance won't get maxed. I was supposed to do it last year, but I never reminded my mom to schedule an appointment. I'm scared because it's oral surgery, and I've heard too many stories. people have to be knocked out and when they wake up, they're entirely numb and when the numbness goes away, they're in pain. i saw an episode of niptuck, where a patient was under the knife and she was awake during her surgery but couldn't say anything, and i'm scared that will happen to me. i don't want to be awake during the procedure. B) i want to get an industrial piercing - needle - i'm scared of needles and how slow it goes and that there's no anesthesia for your ear. since it's industrial, the needle has to slice diagonally through. i want a rook and a double pierce I need help. I'm so scared of pain, I don't want to do anything. advice please?!

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  1. slow thinker Says:

    quit worrying

    stop being a scaredy cat and face your fears

    don’t think about it

    just think about what happens as a result – all the good things

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  • i dont want to be awake for industrial piercing