Fair to compromise?

I'm almost 16 and was wondering... I've suffered from annorexia for quite a while... i'm 5'4 and before I began recovery I was 90 lbs... is it fair to compromise with my parents that once i reach 110 lbs (which is definately a lot better) that they give me Permission to get a vertical labret piercing? (again, nothing goes in my mouth, it goes through the lip so no oral damage)... is that a fair compromise or no? ... im 97 lbs now Oh, and for the record, I would still be paying for it. And (lol) i live in Canada so the age for piercings without parental consent is 16, but I personally still want their permission, even if they dont care for the looks of it :P

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  1. Daisyhill Says:

    You’ll be scarred forever…even when you remove the metal you will have a permanent hole…they dont want your face disfigured so no.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I had the same piercing and the first poster is wrong. My piercing closed and faded away. So if you change your mind later, you can change it.

    Anyway, there is no harm in asking your parents. The worst thing they will say is no. Good luck with your recovery.

  3. KMS Says:

    Fair to compromise? So, if they say no does that mean you will not gain the weight? I think that maybe you should ask them that you would like to reward yourself by getting a piercing AFTER you have maintained the weight for 6 months. It shouldn’t be a compromise.

    PS- congrats on your weight improvement!!!

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