My girlfriend stops during sex because she needs to pee. Am I doing something wrong?

My girlfriend of 2 months has only had one orgasm before and that was through oral sex with me and every time we have sex she needs to stop a few times during because she feels that she needs to pee. She wants to orgasm but each time she gets close and her legs start shaking she quickly stops and darts to the bathroom. This is very frustrating for the both of us because she says she doesn't like stopping and she wants to orgasm but she is scared and embarrassed at what might happen if we carry on, and I feel bad because I c*um each time we have sex, one way or another, and I feel like I'm being selfish and unable to fully satisfy her. If it makes any difference I have a P.A piercing. She says that she loves the feeling of it and everything but it just gives her this 'need to pee' feeling when she gets close to what I think is her climax. This hasn't happened with any of my previous partners and didn't happen when she orgasmed via oral; I just need to know if I'm doing anything wrong or if there's anything we can do to stop it or reassure her that she is not going to pee herself. Any comments are appreciated because we both want to get this sorted and/or explained, thank you.

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  1. Just As Planned Says:

    She doesn’t need to pee.

    When she gets close to ejaculation she must be mistaking that sensation for needing to pee.

    Edit: I’m a virgin and even I know that.

  2. Ward Lifo Says:

    you did the good job

  3. Fuzzydevil92 Says:

    maybe try having sex in a pool or in the shower?

  4. Cody Says:

    You two are not doing anything when the human is close to a climax they have this feeling of having to pee. Just go through it if something happens well go to a doctor.

  5. Thomas Says:

    You need to get her used to climaxing with you if only via masturbation. Many women feel the urge to pee as orgasm nears and this is especially true for squirters. Place some towels on the bed and let her know you could care less – this time her pleasure take priority – if she pees small price to pay and frankly you find it exciting.

  6. Horny Purple Elephant Says:

    She obviously hasn’t had many orgasms because that’s what the sensation feels like, she’s not going to pee….

  7. WinkNWillow Says:

    nothing is wrong, she might just be overly sensitive and just gets that sensation when she is close to climaxing. If it helps, just tell her to go to the bathroom BEFORE you do anything otherwise just keep at it.

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  8. Lost Says:

    You are doing it right. You just are putting pressure on her bladder (which maybe weak) or she is confusing the coming orgasm with a need to pee.

    Unfortunately as you must have experienced, peeing kills the heat of the moment….

  9. sun b Says:

    Nothing wrong there next time dont let her go and complete ejuclation and fill her with cum .

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