I’m 15 years old, can I get this piercing WITH parental consent?

Hi, I wanted surface hip piercings, but I can't get them with parental consent because of the New Jersey law. Even with my dad, birth certificate, his ID, and everything else. I looked into microdermal hip piercings, and they seem to be a lot better then the normal surface hip piercing. Would I be able to get this microdermal hip piercing done, with all of the parental consent needed, in a professional tattoo / piercing parlor? Thanks!

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  1. Lauren Says:

    Yeah. My sister got married at 15 leaglly but only if she had parental consent, you can pretty much do anything with parental consent

  2. Brittany Says:

    No reputable piercer worth going to will be willing to do microdermals on a minor.

  3. SkylarElle' Says:

    i now in florida with parental consent you can get anything done. maybe you should call the piercing parlor. just to double check :)

  4. ThatLesbian Says:

    yes you can, most of the time at any age you can get a pirecing with adult consent just make sure you take proof that they are your parents and take proof of who you are. and you should be set.

  5. carrie Says:

    Doubtful. Ethically, a piercer should not do advance piercings of any kind on minors, and hip piercings are definitely advanced. And even if the piercer has no morals, it is likely that microdermals would be illegal for minors as well. And then there’s the issue of insurance. Most insurance companies have strict limits to what piercings will be covered for minors. Usually, an insurance company will only cover basic piercings like navels, noses, eyebrows, lips, and ears for minors. Any other piercings on minors will not be covered by the shop’s insurance in the event that something goes wrong.

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