What is it? Herpes or am i just being paranoid?

So I'm 17 and I'm still a virgin. But 2 weeks ago i was with a guy and things got really hot. I started giving him oral sex but i touched the penis with my mouth only twice and I stopped because I realized I didnt want to do that. And I let him give me oral for a little bit but I stopped him because once again I realized it wasn't right. The day after though my vagina started itching a little bit. The thing is I shaved the day before and sometimes when the hair starts growing back it itches. Also he had a tongue piercing and I have very sensitive skin so i was confused as to what the reason could be and I just got scared and started thinking the worst. But then I also had like little sores in my mouth but I remember biting the side of my mouth before and that happens to me a lot! That passed by the end of the week. But for some reason I itched a little yesterday and today. And i bit my tongue a lot today on accident and i can see it but theres also a little sore on the side. Im getting really worried. Im not sure if im just looking for things now because im a person that worries a lot. Or could this actually be something bad??

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  1. Sadie H. Says:

    if it were herpes or another STD, you’d be able to tell. first, i suggest browsing the internet or medical books, etc.,for symptoms. if it were herpes, the sore would be a painful lesion, similar to a cold sore, or if it’s located near the genital area, it would resemble a red, oozing sore.
    if the sores in your mouth are white, they may be canker sores, due to your worrying. they usually develop when stomach acid overflows up the esophagus into the mouth, causing little sores to develop. if the sores in your mouth don’t look anything like what a herpes sore is described/shown to look like, then i’m sure you’re not affected.
    as for the genital irritation, whenever you shave, it almost ALWAYS makes the skin itchy, red, and irritated afterward. it’s just razor burn. it looks like a bunch of little, red bumps, almost like small whiteheads that itch and burn.

    i think you’re being paranoid, but if you really feel that you have herpes, the best thing to do would be to see a gynecologist. if you don’t want to tell your parents that you’ve had a sexual experience and you fear you have an STD, just tell them you want a check-up, or you feel that one is necessary, and make an appointment for a pelvic exam.

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