Can you take out facial piercings?

I'm thinking of getting a facial piercing, but are they removable? I am in orchestra, so during that school period I wanted to take them out. Is this possible?

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  1. Saara Says:

    They have a long healing period, but after that you can remove them.

  2. Acrylic Says:

    You can take them out, but they close very quickly. Sometimes, within an hour.
    You can wear a retainer for it though. It’s clear and not as visable as metal jewelry.

  3. sashaXsavage Says:

    i think you can get clear ones so you stick that in and you wont be able to see it… know what i mean?

  4. Stephie Says:

    What kind do you want? An eyebrow, anti brow? Nose, lip? Nose and lip would be easier than an eyebrow or anti brow.

  5. Katsu! Says:

    Yes facial piercings are removable.
    And if you have to take it out because of school/band/business rules then you can always go for a clear plug which is unnoticeable (in most cases, depending on the plug) and keeps the hole open for times you want your piercing to be noticed.

  6. DiJAH BABiE Says:

    yes but u must make sure it is fully healed
    because if you dont you may end up with a scar
    & wen it is done healing & you want to take it out just put in a clear retainer so its not very noticable
    i hope this helps

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