Tragus piercings, pain, hot or not, etc?

Ok I have my ear lobes, belly button and nape pierced and Im out for a new piercing. As much as I would like to get something unusual (like my neck was) I don't really like any of the other surface piercings. I found some really gorgeous bars for the tragus piercing and after researching it of or a bit I found I actually quite liked it haha Ok so pain level in comparison to lobes or belly button or nape. Also what do you think of tragus piercings? Hot or Not? Thnak you

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  1. :)(: Says:

    Traggus hurts.. a lot. A fair bit more than bellybutton percing, but then again i hear it’s different for everyone.
    Traggus looks really good in my opinion, but only if you don’t have a million other piercings on your ear :)

  2. thetakeover83 Says:

    Tragus isn’t really that uncommon.

    Pain wise, the actual piercing about the same as belly button but aftercare no where near as bad.


  3. Kayla Says:

    I got my tragus done today :)
    I am pretty wimpy when it comes to pain. I have only had my lobes pierced twice. I was so nervous about getting my tragus done because I thought it would hurt but honestly I didn’t think it was that bad. And I didn’t hear a popping noise either. If you go to a reputable piercer, like a clean tattoo place not Wal-Mart or something, the tragus piercing won’t be too bad. I think it was more of an uncomfortable feeling than pain but that only lasts until the needle is taken out and the earring is put in its place. Oh and your upper jaw may be a little sore afterward, but its a very mild soreness. I think its definitely hot!

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