do faux tapers, plugs and pinchers fit normal pierced ears?

do they fit normal pierced ears or would someone have to stretch their ears a little to get it to fit into their ear? Info please? Thanks

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  1. Shannon Maye Says:

    They’re usually an 18 or 16 gauge. Either way, you could fit it into a “normally” pierced ear.

    Although, I don’t recommend any faux stretched products. Most of them just look cheesy. (As in, hanging off below your ear.)

  2. Ruby Hernandez Says:

    You need your ears stretched for that.

  3. Hikari Says:

    It depends on the gauge size. They all start small and very slender, about 16G and then you move up slowly to stretch the hole out until you get to the proper size of faux taper, plug, and pincher.

    Take this diagram for example:
    The final size should be a 6G or 4G. 2G is pretty extreme.

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