Where in MA can you get a tattoo at 16?

MA (Massachusetts) is a commonwealth and the age changes by town/city. Where in MA is it 16 with/without parental consent

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  1. Marshmallow Says:

    Don’t get a tattoo. Tattoos make you look like a thug.

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  2. SugarCookie Says:

    Anywhere with Parental consent…. Nowhere LEGALLY without…

  3. Crys Says:

    You are absolutly RIGHT, some places to forbid parlors to tattoo under 18 even with consent.
    Cross the border in NH or Rhode Island. Also I believe Weymouth, Mass. you can.
    Around the NH border there are a lot of places that will allow it.

    **Also…if you have parental consent….you can go into a shop and offer more money and have your parent with you with a signed letter confirming its okay. And they will most likely do it for you. They just dont want to loose their license if found out ya know. But money is money and parental consent is parental consent. So try it out….call around. Tatttoo artists are really down to earth man.

  4. rocketwife Says:

    Plain and simple, you can’t. Don’t try to go into a shop and offer them extra money to break the law, they won’t do it. If they do, they’re shady artists and probably break many other laws, such as single use needles, autoclave sterilization, etc. The laws in MA are clearly written, and no one will break them to make an extra dollar or two. Parental consent is not parental consent when it’s not legal. I will post the law for you to see, and it’s clear, there are no provisions that allow for parental consent for tattooing.

    4. Restrictions

    (A) No tattooing, piercing of genitalia, branding or scarification shall be performed
    on a person under the age of 18.

    (B) Body piercing, other than piercing the genitalia, may be performed on a person
    under the age of 18 provided that the person is accompanied by a properly
    identified parent, legal custodial parent or legal guardian who has signed a form
    consenting to such procedure.

    You’re too young to do it either way. Wait, you’ll be happy you did.

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