dream interpretation?

Ive been having pretty unusual dreams lately.. last night I had a dream that I was with this friend and we both had a few piercings on our face and we went to the Catholic church down the road for this religious sermon were you get your piercings chopped in half and we got it done.. Does anyone know what the hell this could mean?? btw i only have one piercing on my ear and im agnostic but i used to be religious.. If thats any help.. thanks

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  1. polarbearbob Says:

    Your subconscious recognizes that you may have a desire to do something like that ( get multiple piercings) but worry that later you will regret it. It may not have a thing to do with actual body piercing, but with making any choice that goes outside the boundaries of what you are comfortable with inside yourself in order to fit into a particular group.
    the people you surround yourself with now, may not be people you would be proud to be known by

    think long and hard about your choices now so that you don’t have to try to fix them later

    dreams are a part of the brain’s way of processing unresolved conflicts in our psyche and of figuring out where to process events for later retrieval

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