Is there any way to get over my fear of needles?

I am really scared of needles. I have some ear piercings and I used to have my nose pierced. I have tattoos as well but theres this one piercing I am trying to get (the person I am dating can do it for me) but I keep wimping out. We have tried numbing the area. Taking painkillers and having loads of tequila but I just can't do it. I have been scared of needles since being a kid. I look away and grasp the chair and make the nurse talk about herself when I get blood tests or injections. I don't mind needle guns or tattoo needles. Just not actual shiny long needles. Its a genital piercing. It can't be done with a piercing gun right? My friend has needles and clamps and all the equipment but I can't seem to do it.

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  1. Snowboard_Chica Says:

    Well no wonder your afraid of the needle. haha. Its going to stabbing you in a very sensitive spot! Lol

  2. JC Says:

    Right……you can’t use a gun. Just make sure you are going to a real, experienced piercer who will know how to do so it hurts as little as possible and is positioned right.

    Other than earrings, all I have is nip rings and a PA. Piercer used numbing gel: nips still hurt like h__l but only for a second, and I didn’t even feel the PA. Don’t take aspirin or anything similar which will make you bleed more. The main thing I did was not look at his equipment tray and keep my eyes closed !!!!!!!

  3. Emily Says:

    1) dont look at it when its going in.
    2) you can get some numming gell to ease the pain so that you basically wont feel anything.
    3) i think most people are afraid of needles.

  4. John Says:

    what are you worried about you must of had a prick there before lol

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