How wide is eye brow piercing jewelry, and how much is the least amount of deepness they can pierce in?

Like i mean, how wide is the part that acutally goes in ur skin, kind alike saying how wide is hole. Also how close to the surface of my skin can i get the piercing, because theres noway i'm getting half in deep or anything of that sort. Whats the least deepest amount?

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  1. dementianightshade Says:

    14g is the standard size. Unfortunately, they need to do it a few cenemeters deep so that it wont grow, or worse, get ripped out. Dont worry, it doesnt hurt that bad.

  2. [extroverted] kind of girl Says:

    What ^^^ she wrote is basically true.. But another major factor when getting your eyebrow pierced and the “deepness” of it.. Is that many times (it has happened with me) this thing known as the piercing being ‘rejected’ can happen.. Meaning that your skin starts to slowly pushing the piercing out, until it completely just comes out of the skin (Okay, that sounds gross I know..) or so bad that you just take it out. Mine was pierced for 3 years, and it eventually started to reject.

  3. fuseblown Says:

    It really depends on your body. When the piercing is done, they will pull the eyebrow away from your head to insert the needle. If it’s too close to the surface, you will likely have problems whether it’s rejection or getting ripped out. I’m not sure why you want it to be as close to the surface as possible. Especially if you have tight skin, you’re more likely to have problems the closer to the surface it is.

    Another thing to think about getting it closer to the surface is the scar tissue that your body forms around the piercing over-time. If you got it pierced closer to the surface and the tube of scar tissue forms and you eventually take it out for good, that *may* stick out and be noticeable forever. Again, it just depends on your body and how your face is “setup”.

    Getting it done closer to the surface or further in is not going to make any difference in the experience, as it will feel the same either way. Just make sure you go to a quality studio to get the piercing done and there should be no problems. They can, and are willing, to answer any questions you have before you make a final decision. There are also some piercing sites on the ‘net with stories and better information (see the source link below for one).

    As far as size, when I had my first one done it was 16 gauge and I stretched it to a 14 gauge once it was initially healed.

  4. Anti-you Says:

    14g is the standard ‘thickness’ of the jewelry and the average diameter CBR for this piercing is 3/8″, the average curved barbell is 3/8″ in length as well. Not every piercer will pierce with those sizes, but it is the most common that I have heard of and have pierced with.

    Its hard to describe the depth of the piercing because everyone’s eyebrow is different and requires a bit of adjustment. Piercings never go below all layers of skin. and often, when done with a barbell, the jewelry will fit a bit snugly and when done with a CBR, about 30% of the jewelry will be under your skin. Those are estimates and not to be taken as they are (those can change based on piercer, you and future factors such as migration/rejection).

    Generally a piercer won’t allow you to have it done at its minimal depth because that isn’t the correct way to pierce. As I said before, the deepest won’t go anywhere under all the layers of skin.

  5. C?des Says:

    The barbels length is usually 12mm the holes length is usually 10 mm so there’s 2 mm for swelling. The “thickness” of the jewelry is 14gauge. The piercing can’t be to deep in the skin, but it is better this way. The eyebrow is very prompt to rejection, so remember to ask for a “bio-curved barbel, which is implant graded” so that your body accepts it better. The piercing must be somewhat “deep” or else the risks of rejection get bigger. After you ask for this type of jewelry, don’t let them put a cbr (captive bead ring) jewelry in because it will over irritate the area. Let the piercer do his job properly, he knowns the depth of which the piercing should be, so listen carefully to what he tells you.

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