I have a staph infection that I believe is spreading?

Okay, so I got my belly button pierced last Monday, and I did everything right, the cleaning and all, but I did bump it a few times, and sure enough, it got infected. Now at first, it was just a little red and hurt but it wasn't bad, and just about everyone I have talked to says that they've had at least one minor infection like that and not to worry just keep cleaning it how I'm supposed to and try not to bump it. But then by Monday, a week after I got it done, it was terrible. It happened over night, I went to bed with it a little sore but nothing too bad, and I woke up and it was sooooo painful and it was really, really red. During all day it was killing me, even if I wasn't moving it was like stabbing really bad pains. It was getting really unbearable which is unusual for me because I deal with pain really well. Then on Tuesday, it was even worse, so I went to my school nurse and she said that she though it was really infected, then she made me push it up and tons of puss came out, like not clear liquid that's normal with belly button piercing, lit was green, and there was tons of it. She then knew it was really infected and told me to do warm compresses and try to get the puss out after and stuff, so I did it when I got home once or twice, but by that night the pain was getting so bad I couldn't even concentrate on anything else. The redness was spreading, and the top hole was stretching and the top ball was starting to be surrounded by skin, almost as if my piercing was eating the ball. My mom and I were pretty much watching the piercing get worse by the minute, and the redness was like spreading, so we decided I needed to take it out now, so I did. It feels a little better now, but I know its a staph infection because you can tell just my looking at it. The problem is that Today I woke up with some weird symptoms, and I'm wondering if it has to do with the infection. I have a really bad lower backache and a stiff neck on the left side. My knees are also really achy, which is unusual because they haven't bothered me in about six months since I finished physical therapy. They keep getting worse during the day, and I keep getting nausea from being in pain. I also think I'm developing one of those fevers with chills as well, I just haven't gotten around to finding my thermometer. If you have any experience with staph infections please let me know what I should do. Oh and if your wondering the piercing is warm to touch, very red all around it, very painful, and has puss in it that I've been trying to drain, but it's nearly impossible with all the pain. My school nurse said it looked like a staph infection.

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  1. aunt t Says:

    Go to your doctor immediately. An infection can kill you! You need medical help now. Tell your mom to get you to the emergency room.

  2. desertilluminati Says:

    have you been diagnosed with a staph infection or is that just an educated guess based on your symptoms?

    if you were bringing out that much purulent drainage of the color you described, and it is continuing to get worse, in addition to the additional symptoms that you have described, having a doctor take a look, culture the drainage, and put you on an antibiotic (if necessary) would be a good idea.

    Staphylococcus Aureus is no picnic, and could in fact be MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ) which means that special drugs and treatments would be needed to combat the infection.

    keep the area clean, don’t push on the infected area, and contact your doctor for instructions.

  3. Sunny Says:

    Fist, find your thermometer and take your temp

    Continue with the hot (not warm) compresses

    Don’t push on it anymore, but rather allow it to drain on its own, and it will, as long as you use ‘hot as you can stand it’ compresses. Can also soak in a hot bath. Moist heat will soften the tissues so that the exudate can find a way out. Will also soften the exudate so that it will more easily drain.

    Don’t know who diagnosed the staph. Suspect you were allergic to the metal in the stud causing the infection. Legs could be hurting due to resistance to pain is lowered and activating pain response.

    If the redness and ‘hot to touch’ do not improve in the next day or two after the HOT compresses, should be seen by a doctor.

    Do keep in mind, you do not want to scald the surrounding tissues with your compresses, and work up to a hotter compress gradually. And you should probably do the compresses at least 3 times a day until you start to notice the redness is getting darker in color, which means it is trying to resolve.

    Purulent drainage is clear, and will come later after the pus has drained.

    Good luck……

    Don’t rule out MRSA, but do try the compresses before you panic.

  4. DAN Says:

    Go to the ER immediately!!! Don’t even continue to read this. You clearly have a systemic infection. It is not too uncommon for people to develop systemic infection following body piercing, but it is not necessarily staph… It could be pseudomonas, strep, or a number of other things. The bottom line is this: the systemic symptoms that you are experiencing could (not definitely) be the presentation if infective endocarditis, which is an infection of your heart valves… It is quite rare, but can be life threatening if you do not seek medical attention. Most likely it is not endocarditis, but why take the chance?

  5. LINDA R Says:

    You need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Staph infection is extremely serious. It could spread and cause more problems, or even kill you. You have to see a doctor. I am shocked and concerned that a nurse who identified the infection did not tell you that you need to see a doctor.

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