A negative HIV result 2 months after a risky act, reliable enough?

Few months back, I got close with a casual contact. We didnt have sex, we didn't even have any mouth to mouth kissing and no oral sex too. I kissed her on her skin and hugged her. She had a nice navel and so i put my fingers inside them. BUT, she had a piercing inside her navel and while fingering, i didnt feel any stings, cuts or blood on my finger. 2 months after this, I had tested negative for HIV. Is this reliable enough? Is there any possibility that i could have got HIV from this act? I'm freaking out about this now, help!

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  1. T-Dawgins Says:

    Aren’t you the same navel fingerer who already posted.

    Don’t worry about it. It’s very difficult to get HIV.

    By the way, do you have any reason to think SHE was HIV-positive? If not, you’re being completely paranoid. Finger all the navels you want, crazy dude, and don’t live in fear.

  2. john Says:

    Ok calm down. First of all, you cannot contract HIV from kissing a person or drinking from the same cup as them. If you were not cut, then what are you worrying about? Also, a reliable HIV test is only reliable after 6 months, because HIV is an insidious virus that can avoid detection not only by the immune system but by some medical tests. You should wait for six months and then you can say the HIV test was a good one. I still think you are worrying about nothing. Even if you kissed her skin you cannot contract HIV.

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