Laddies your thoughts please?

back in febuary I got a prince albert piercing which if ur not familiar is a genital piercing.I really enjoyed having it done and love it but I am curious as to what some of the laddies think about it? After ppl heard that I had it done they both men and women where curious some asked if they could see which I didn't mind and some called me crazy ! Now don't get me wrong cause I didn't get to score with women though I have read and heard it intensifies sex for both ppl but in all seriousness I have wanted 1 for yrs and finally went thru with it.Laddies any thoughts or comments would be helpful and appreciated. Thank You Juggy

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  1. anita.tofts Says:

    I hate to be the first poster and say this, but I really don’t like them at all, the thought of the associated pain goes through me and I find them creepy.


  2. ariana Says:

    First off, it’s “ladies”, not “laddies”. Having a piercing is a personal issue/option. If you like it, that’s what counts. If you ask me, yeah, I think genital piercings are cool :) )

  3. happygolucky_2120 Says:

    I like them. I had one bf with one I loved it. The only problem he had I don’t know what Gage you got it pieced with 12 or 14 or 10 but after a month his stretched and either put a 4 or 6 in it. Putting bigger balls on the ends of the stud is great too. I found that (more so when I was on top) the screw on ball hit great spots inside of me. Just don’t expect to get to much head with it in.

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