Why are piercings and tattoos slutty?

Why are tongue rings considered slutty? And why are 'tramp stamps' slutty also ? If I'm a slut than I'm one with or without a tongue ring. Haha But I'm not slutty at all. I know that tongue rings are great for oral, but how does that make you a 'whore' I also like lower back tattoos I think it's sad people would stereotype me based on a tattoo or piercing. I actually dont like many piercings, and i like the tongue ring cause its more hidden and not so noticable. Well im saying, sure a tongue ring might be great for oral.. but what if I have a boyfriend, that likes it. Doesn't mean Im a whore if Im with my boyfriend and hes enjoying it. It'd make me a slut if I went around with every guy, but hey, I know plenty of sluts that dont have tongue rings :D "the college dropout who's addicted to crack. and im sure that's what everyone else sees too." Thats the stereotype im saying though. I like lower back tattoos, as I do arm, and in general, back tattoos. I think what may make someone look a little slutty is if a girls booty and thong are hangingout cause of her low rise jeans, and THan you might see that tramp stamp, ok thats pushing it. But thats my own opinion, and even so, who sayhs im gonna be wearing low rise jeans and showing my butt of to everyone ? Im just saying lol. Im not a slut and I enjoy my peircings and tattoos. :) Lol oh and that college dropout notion is just bullshit.

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