Is there a large number of parents who (outside of worship or rite of passage) would get their kids a tattoo?

I saw a question yesterday that got me thinking. I've never seen a young kid with a tattoo, does this even happen? It must, right? It's painful. Is it abuse? Is it abuse even if the child wants to do it? Can a child make that decision though? Is it just different taste that's nobody's business? Piercing ears is painful too but since that's not unusual nobody thinks twice about it. I don't already have an opinion about this. Never thought about it before yesterday. Just wondering your take on it.

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  1. madiesmum Says:

    they are not allowed by law to get a tat till they are 18, so no there are not parents out there who would willingly get their child a tat and if they did they are breaking the law and yes its would be child abuse.

  2. Live and Learn Says:

    I would never ‘let’ my kids get tattoos and I fight the girls on piercings. I just feel that they shouldn’t do anything permanent to their bodies until they are old enough to fully understand what they are doing and why. So, when they are adults they can make those decisions but before that….forget it.

  3. Deans Says:

    I wouldn’t call it abuse. I might call it stupid unless it is a cultural or religious thing. Any younger child who may want a tattoo will probably think what he chose at 10 is ridiculous at 25. And I…if it was me getting the tattoo as a child…would blame my parents for letting me have it at 10.

  4. a chick Says:

    Like I’ve said before, we base our ideas of abuse (not just beating) on our level of industry. The more industrialized a country is, the tighter our reign on traditional customs. That said, tradition or not, piercings can come out, tattoos are forever (lazer removal not withstanding)

  5. Josephine Says:

    The thing is …. no reputable tattoo artists would tattoo a young child, even if that childs parents were there. So, the parents would have to go to a dirty, illegal tattoo artist.

    And no, a child cannot make that decision. Can you imagine what a 13 year old girl would get tattooed on them? Probably a boyfriends name or a neon pink butterfly or a band logo or something. It’s just a recipe for regret.

    ** I too am in the ‘got a tattoo at 18 and regret it’ club.

  6. ms holli Says:

    there was a story just recently in the news about a father tattooing his two kids, he was charged I believe :

    I dont believe in piecing until they are old enough to ask for it, my daughter was 6 when she got her ears done and they can choose to permanently ink their bodies when they turn 18, I wont be able to stop them anyways, perhaps at 16 if they wanted something small, just my two cents

  7. Starbright ? Says:

    I wouldn’t let mine get one till they are 18. They have to live with it forever- unlike piercings where you can just pop em out and they grow over for the most part.
    I got a tat before I was 18 and now I hate it. I’m getting it covered up eventually.
    *Oh my parents didn’t have to sign. I just lied and said I was 18 and they believed me. Which is funny because most people I won’t believe I’m a day over 16 now that I really am an adult.

  8. Nina Lee Says:

    No way. In fact, I wish they would raise the legal age to 21.

  9. Leslie Says:

    I think most cultures would consider it abuse. Not only is it extremely painful, but they can’t really make an educated decision about whether or not they want the tattoo, or what kind of tattoo they want – and tattoos are for life. This is why in most places, tattoos are prohibited to minors under 18. The ear piercing argument is interesting though. I guess the idea here is that they are removable. I don’t think I would consider ear piercings cruel, but I certainly wouldn’t do it to my daughter until she was old enough to make a proper decision.

  10. Jen Says:

    It is something that happens in certain parts of the world, but for religious and social reasons, not just because the kid wants to.

    In most other countries it is illegal until 16-18 years of age. Ear piercing is not as painful as a tattoo, but I’m still against it until the child is old enough to choose for themselves.

    I wouldn’t let my child, My teen is another story and even then, only if it was the right tattoo.

  11. Texas Mommy ? Says:

    Not until they are 18. I don’t think it’s abusive if the teenager wants one and the parents sign off on it. But here in the state of Texas (at least where I am) it doesn’t matter if a parent signs off on it or not, the law says no tattoos on minors.

    I think the reason that no one thinks twice about piercings is because piercings are more easily undoable than a tattoo.

  12. MT Says:

    I suppose if I lived in an African village where girls get their faces tattooed once they hit puberty, I might. But living in a modern, Western society, no, I wouldn’t.

    I am tattooed. I waited until I was 30 to start tattooing, because I didn’t want to get a stupid tattoo I’d regret just for the sake of getting a tattoo. At 16, I could have very well have put “ini kamoze rules!” on my butt. I wouldn’t sign for my minor to get a tattoo unless she god forbid was terminally ill. Even at 18, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a much better tattoo, but at 18, she’ll be legally responsible for her body and can decorate it any way she wants.

    I’ll probably be more open to some pericings. I used to have multiple holes in my ear, but took them out and they closed up. You can’t even tell. Lots of my friends got tongue rings for a year or two and they healed no problem.

  13. Jolly Roger Says:

    Different cultures do all types of things as “rites of passage.” (including stretching earlobes. Yikes.)

    I don’t think it’s widely accepted in the western world at all. Never have seen it myself.

  14. Entonces Schmecky Says:

    My kid is welcome to have a tattoo… OVER MY DEAD BODY!

  15. Housewife Says:

    It’s pretty common in the town I live in. Kids over 15 can get one with their parents permission and lots do. I wouldn’t let my kids though because,I wanted one and I’m glad my mum didn’t let me because it is permamnant (yes I know they can be removed but it leaves a horrible red scar), and the one I wanted would look rediculous on a person my age. plus it didn’t represent me in anyway.

    I’m yet to get a tattoo because I still haven’t found one I could live with forever.

  16. Winter Glory Says:

    I know somebody who allowed her 14 year old son to get a tattoo.
    I know somebody else who allowed her 17 year old daughter get one.
    I don’t agree with it, but whatever..not my kids that’s for darn sure!!

  17. Christopher Says:

    I have 4 friends who are tattoo artist and if your not 18 even with a parents permission you can’t a tattoo. This is the law and I also have a brother who is a judge who holds up this law as well! Because it’s illegal to give anyone under the age of 18 a tattoo. And children are not able to make that decision themselves, their too young! They have no concept on what this is all about and most of them couldn’t handle the pain.

    I have several tattoos on my upper arms! I have 17 kids all adult and only one of my son’s got tattoos. They did come to me about it when they turned 18 because they knew the laws and they knew that my wife and I stand by the laws 100% no if ands or but about it!! So they were told what getting a tattoo was all about and the consequence too! A lot of work places today if your tattoos show they will not hire you! So you have to be very careful if you want a good job!

  18. Flusterated Says:

    For one thing it’s ILLEGAL under the age of 18, and most reputable shops respect the law and wouldn’t think of jeopardizing their business just to please a spoiled brat who “thinks” he/she wants a tattoo. As a parent, I would never allow it – even if it were legal with parent’s permission – I’d tell them to wait until they were old enough to get one themself.

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