nape piercing-anchors or surface?

which options would be the most probable to heal and not reject and also i heard with anchors if u want then out u have to get then sergically removed or cut out?

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  1. Cat_Inferno Says:

    After having both surface piercings and dermal anchors I would definatly suggest micro dermal anchors. Surface piercings are easily irritated and difficult to look after especially in a place you can’t see with ease, anchors seem to be much easier to look after and alot less easy to irritate (though jsut as easy to catch on clothing etc).
    When I had surface piercings of which I’ve had 6 (on my arm not my neck) they never settled and got infected very easily. I now have one dermal on my wrist and two on my forehead and these have all settled quickly and despite a minor infection in the one of my wrist have been relivly hassle free aside from the obvious cleaning and having to tape them up with micropore tape at night to stop them catching though that is just for personal comfort reasons and isn’t required for healing.
    It is true however dermals much be either cut out or there is a tool that can pull them out of the original hole if you go back to your piercer to have them taken out. This is because the way they heal is your flesh grows around the small plate beneath the skin effectivly “anchoring” them in.
    Also I found dermals far, far less painful than any piercing I have ever had. The pain is different for everyone but personally I found them very easy.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Stasha-Pistachio Says:

    I’ve had both.
    My surface bar started to reject not long after I hit it with a hairbrush :/ Took forever to heal anyway, and was prone to hyertrophic scarring.

    My nape microdermals were far more sucessful. Though one was almost always a bit tender, I eventually decided to have it removed a few weeks ago. My micros have all felt healed after a week (I’ve had 7), except this one. And not wanting to be wonky, I had the happy one taken out too. I’m not sure what made it upset. But one out of 7 ain’t bad, far better than surface piercings anyway.
    It was less painful removing them than putting them in. The unhappy one pretty much fell out, and obviously wasn’t at all healed. The happy one was healed perfectly, and had to be poked a bit with a needle (to sever the connecting tissue). But came out quite all right, without much/any pain.
    Even the most stubborn ones rarely need a scalpel, and its really not as bad as it sounds. Only a mm or two cut, not at all deep. A papercut is probably more traumatic :)

    My micros found a new home behind my ears. Much easier to clean too.

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